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6,549 Views will revolutionize contract management for tenants by converting paper-based contracts into self-executable Smart-Contracts on the Blockchain. evolutionizes the conventional listing market by providing a one-stop solution for commercial properties in prime locations and malls.

The vision is to become the business-critical site for commercial property decision making, supporting all retailers, office- hotel-tentants etc., landlords and brokers in prime locations globally through its unique PropTech meta platform.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 29 Aug 2018 - 20 Sept 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Switzerland
Token info
Ticker: ELOC
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,000,000,000 ELOC (80%)
ICO Price: 1 eLOC = 0.05 EUR
Accepting: ETH, BTC, FIAT
Soft cap: 2 500 000 EUR
Hard cap: 50,000,000 EUR
June 2016
15,000 shop openings news online.
April 2017
Retail property marketplace went live with 30,000 shops and properties.
August 2017
First external investor in eLocations (Global Market Leader in shopping centre Christmas lighting).
September 2017
60,000 shops and properties in the top high streets online globally.
October 2017
30,000 store opening news collected and mapped.
November 2017
4,000+ shops for rent.
December 2017
1 million property and news page views.
January 2018
Start development Bockchain approach.
February 2018
36,000 store opening news collected and mapped. 80,000 shops and properties in the top high streets online globally.
March 2018
Second external investor in eLocations (Global MD Real Estate at a leading investment bank). Start development of Smart Lease Contract prototype.
2nd Quarter 2018
Pre-ITO (Initial Token Offering); start of Global Roadshow.
3rd Quarter 2018
Official start of ITO – continuing Global Roadshow.
Autumn 2018
Launch of Smart Lease Contract prototype (Beta).
November 2018
First customers will sign Lease Contracts on the Blockchain.
December 2018
500,000 shops and properties in the top high streets online globally.
June 2019
150,000 store opening news collected and mapped.
December 2019
2,000,000 shops and properties, 200,000 news and 50,000 listings.
June 2020
3,000,000 shops and properties, 300,000 news and 100,000 listings.
3% of the worldwide expanding retailers use eLocations Blockchain contracts.
5% of the Global Pension Funds under contract for Blockchain leases.
Bringing the Moon Land Registry on the eLocations Blockchain.
The Mars Land Registry on the eLocations Blockchain.
Marc C. Riebe
CEO & Founder
Charles Daniel Innes
CMO & Co-Founder
Ian Young
Davinder Pal Singh Sawhney
Elizabeth Pham
Head of Research
Nancy Nguyen
Data Analyst
Giang Le
Data Analyst

Advisors (7)

Michael Truebestein
Kilian Kämpfen
Stefan Gross
Nicolai Wendland
Daria Arefieva
Eric Benz
Blockchain Advocate
Maximilian Rang
Vice President
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STO List
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The Art of blockchain ArtPro makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell art over the web. A user-friendly platform harnesses the many benefits of blockchain technology, enabling ArtPro to restore the trust that has long been missing from the art industry. Instead of relying on third party authenticators, ArtPro favours a consensus mechanism that delivers a secure, decentralized system. ArtPro is creating the go-to marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists, with a strong focus on emerging talent. The ArtPro platform will open the art world to the masses, making it possible for anyone to discover and purchase fine art online without the excessive fees, intermediaries, and steep learning curve that have traditionally made art available to only to the privileged and the well-connected. Certificates of provenance, stored on the blockchain, attest to the authenticity of each artwork on the ArtPro platform, but that is only the beginning.
BOLTON Coin (BFCL) offers a new amazing and unique approach to investing in the crypto sphere, generating aggregates profits from tangible luxurious markets such as gold and diamonds mining, real estate, integrated by eco-sustainable energy and extraordinary form of BTC crypto-mining.
LINKCHAIN is a new Supply Chain startup developing a hybrid blockchain platform that allows buyers & sellers to transact business in a secure fashion. LINKCHAIN provides a real life solution by providing a low-cost, safe and secure environment in which both the Buyer and the Supplier can be sure that if each party satisfies their obligations, they will receive what they agreed to. LINKCHAIN provides a strong revenue and profit model with a low B/E point. Buyers and Sellers can earn staking and mining rewards (Activity Based Mining & Activity Based Staking) by completing key activities such as getting 4 or 5 stars, awarding a project etc. Users are rewarded for holding tokens on the platform. Funds will be held in a third party escrow. If soft cap is not met 100% of funds will be returned to the crowdsale buyers. 19% allocation to crowd and pre-sale buyers is based on current demand and market conditions, and strong demand shown for private equity firms to balance out demand
Pre-Sale is all-in-one trading platform with long-term profit both to traders and holders. Our exchange is carefully created in cooperation with active exchange / Forex brokers and fintech enthusiasts. The application will provide a solution for novice and expert traders who want to focus on business, rather than struggle with messy user interface and nonsense functionality. Unlike other ICO projects, exchange does not need additional resources for the development itself. We are fully backed by company in the financial industry. The main reason, why we release our token, is to attract early investors and share 80% of our revenue with them. We believe that personal involvement is a key to build healthy community. That is also why is developed as a truly social platform.
Smart Containers
Smart Containers Group is a Swiss high-tech container provider aiming to create the first fully autonomous container based on blockchain technology, consequently disrupting the logistics industry. Blockchain-based software and an IoT infrastructure is the core of Smart Containers Group strong technological ground, enabling to track and monitor each container around the world and making Smart Containers Group the largest provider of IoT airfreight containers on the market. The combination of hardware, software and service enables Smart Containers Group to assertively position its division company SkyCell among the top four providers of pharma containers in the industry. Through the FoodGuardians division, the next generation of reusable containers and boxes to transport temperature sensitive food products will be offered regionally and globally, preserving the product’s freshness and traceability. Using blockchain as transformative technology in logistics, Smart Containers Group is driven by the opportunity to create the LOGI CHAIN, a fully integrated, seamless logistic ecosystem that will be accessible to all industry players at minimal cost. Therefore, Smart Containers Group will lead the way towards a more efficient, client-centric and cost-effective industry standard.
Based in the United States, Moonlighting is a 3-year-old freelance marketplace with a proven track record of empowering people to earn extra money and hire talented professionals quickly. With the integration of blockchain technology Moonlighting will decentralize worker profiles, reward participation, and make hiring and working in the freelance economy trusted, global, and inclusive.