Rating methodology

ICO Profile

This rating is determined by the amount of information about the ICO. The most detailed information positively affects the rating, such as:
General information (Description, Video Clip, White paper, etc)
Financial information of the ICO (Platform, Token Type, Price, Hard Cap, Soft Cap, etc)
Links and activity in social networks
Open information about Team and Advisors

Product Potential

First of all, we assess the market potential of the product, because it is not enough for the project to simply issue its coins. The project coins should be in demand in the future. This is one of the most important factors.
If the company has a finished product or an alpha version, then it will be given a much better rating than if all it has is a concept.
The study of competitors and the uniqueness of the problem that the product must solve.

Business strategy

We look for whether the company has a high-quality and developed white paper, including a detailed description of the technical aspects of the product.
Long-term development plan for the company (roadmap) with specific goals broken down by period.
A thought-out plan for issuing and distributing the tokens.
Significant investments that have already been made in the product.

Team and Advisors

Whether team members have successful experience in the cryptocurrency industry is very important to our evaluation.
The number of people working on the product and the reliability of the team (the availability of photos, names and profiles in Linkedin)
Number of edits and frequency of changes to the projects on cooperative software development platforms (such as Github)
Number of Advisors, their authority and experience.


ICOmarks publishes ratings only for information purposes. They are not an invitation to invest in an ICO project. ICOmarks recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.