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ETH $ 207.99 8.32%
MARKET CAP $ 274 bln 2.1%
ICOs 5,434


IEO start in 6 days
DIVO combines communication channels and people in one space and forms an infrastructure which meets the professional demands of all fashion industry players, making interaction between them faster, safer and more effective.
With a clear understanding of the industry’s problems and the technology required to overcome them, DIVO transforms business practices in the industry, improves the efficiency of business processes and brings them into line with contemporary standards of business practice.
The aim of DIVO is to ensure connection for the classical economic environment of fashion industry and a new digital economy. DIVO gives each user the opportunity to build cooperation in a decentralized ecosystem with a high level of trust due to the effect of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology.
DIVO Platform consists of three key elements that are seamlessly linked with each other, ensuring the system is complete and easy to scale: DIVO Mobile Application, DIVO Web Application and a professional Network
All three elements have a wide functionality designed specifically for different industry participants to solve various professional and business tasks.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 11 Sept 2019 - 17 Sept 2019
IEO Time: 24 Sept 2019 - 30 Sept 2019
Country: Seychelles
IEO launchpad: ProBit
Token info
Ticker: DIVO
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Total supply: 6,000,000,000 DIVO
IEO Price: 1 DIVO = 0.01 USD
Accepting: USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, PROB
Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD
Bonuses: 25% Bonus : PROB
21% Bonus : USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP
The birth of the idea of a Global Platfrom.
Creating the concept of a mob. app. Development of mob. app. prototype v.1.0.
Testing the basic functions of the mob. app. with offline and online focus groups.
Updating the model database.
Testing loyalty system
Elaboration of a concept on the principles of an open hyper convergent multi-functional platform with marketplace features based on the synergy of the social network and fashion industry professionals.
Development of a business model based on blockchain technology utilizing smart contracts
Creation of the concept of modules extending the functionality of the platform: DIVO App, DIVO Web, and DIVO Network
The principle of combining the three modules into a single DIVO Platform is formulated
Value opinion by Baker Tilly
Formation of technical requirements for the DIVO Platform
Development of functional design of the mob. app.
Development of a Platform brand book
UX / UI design of the mob. app.
DIVO TokenSale web app. design & build
Development of DIVO App screens storyboard map
iOS / Android mobile applications (ReactNative), Ethereum blockchain, JavaScript application programming language, Web React administration panel, Node.JS Express + Nginx application server, Mongo DB database.
Integration of Face Recognition technology into DIVO App
Development of the architecture for the authentication algorithms and verification of users on the DIVO Network
Testing of authentication, access recovery, and access control
Integration of data mining technologies for search engine optimization
Adaptation of Face Recognition technology to the goals and needs of the DIVO Platform
Integration with Google geolocation systems and Apple Maps navigation services
Creation of proprietary messenger DIVO Chat
Development of software and hard-ware for personal investor accounts – DIVO TokenSale
Testing of the administrative panel of the DIVO TokenSale web application
Testing the security system of personal investor accounts through the two-factor Google Authenticator service
Crowdfunding Web App. AUSC.IO
Functional and regression testing of iOS / Android mobile applications
Development of DIVO brand promotion strategy
DIVO WEB service extension of functionality
Testing of connection between Web and Mob App(-s), extention of functionality
Marketing project among fashion community Testing, analysis of KPI of DIVO NET (offline / online)
Integration with Visa and Mastercard payment systems, cash-back services and co-branding programs
Opening offices in the DIVO Platform’s countries of operation (USA, Italy, UK, France, Hong Kong, Moscow)
Development of a global partnership network
Building a database of models
Implementing and updating of loyalty programs
Testing and integration of modules: DIVO Crowdfunding (Crowdcash), DIVO Safety Management, DIVO Finance Management
Adaptation of new technological standards for doing business and automating business processes for the fashion industry
Developing an open API to provide access to integration with external services
Development of concept of the DIVO Network
Testing of Face Recognition technology. Step 2
Testing of smart contract
The launch of a line of services to promote new faces and talents.
Collection and analysis of BIG DATA in order to expand the useful functionality of the DIVO Platform
Mobile Application in Google Play
Mobile Application in App Store
Audit and report on the development of the Platform and financial condition of the project from Big 4 Audit
Expansion in 10 countries
Launch of the main services of the multipurpose omnichannel DIVO Platform
Implementation of the Open Source SaAS platform and SDK (software development kit) of the universal system of interaction between members of the DIVO Platform
Screenshots taken 8 Sep 2019
Marat Bikbov
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Andrey Tulinov
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Dmitry Iakshev
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Anastasia Bogdanova
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Liza Tulinova
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Eugene Rupakov
Blockchain Developer
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Nicol Landrum
Creative Designer
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Denis Kozin
Application Developer
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Anna Zelinskaya
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Yuri Knyazev
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Advisors (2)

Katia Che
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Alvina Yu
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