BTC $ 10,412.48 -4.1401%
ETH $ 338.67 -8.97604%
MARKET CAP $ 326 bln -5.52%
ICOs 6,235


IEO Ended
Carnomaly will be developing the AVB (Automotive Vehicle Blockchain) The AVB will give vehicle owners the power to manage and update their vehicles history report. Along with data from dealers, Insurance companies, collision centers and DMV”s, the AVB will give owners the ability to upload photos of receipts from independent service facilities as well as work they may have completed on their own. This information will all be stored under each vehicle VIN number and secured behind the blockchain. The AVB will also speed up the vehicle ownership transfer. With the AVB the vehicle owner will have the ability to transfer ownership of the vehicle in real time. This will eliminate the risk of unwanted toll bills, red light cameras and even lawsuits.
The goal is that one day the AVB will be the new worldwide standard in vehicle ownership transfers. Vehicles already have worldwide vehicle identification numbers (VIN’s) so why not take this VIN’s and integrate them into the blockchain. Carnomaly will bridge the gap between the automotive industry and the digital world by creating solutions like the AVB.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 01 Mar 2020 - 31 Mar 2020
IEO Time: 02 Apr 2020 - 02 May 2020
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: USA
IEO launchpad: Latoken
Token info
Ticker: CARR
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Available for sale: 159,000,000 CARR (30%)
Total supply: 530,000,000 CARR
Pre-sale Price : 1 CARR = 0.15 USD
IEO Price: 1 CARR = 0.25 USD
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Q4 2019
Launch rebate token platform
Publish executive summary
Complete Utility Token filing with SEC
Begin digital marketing campaign
Q1 2020
Complete 2nd round of IEO
Begin development of AVB (Advanced Vehicle Blockchain)
Token air drop after IEO is complete
Open consumer access to rebate portal to allow sign-ups
Increase digital marketing campaign efforts
Q2 2020
Carnomaly rebates begin
Launch beta versions of Carnomaly dealer site
AVB launches
Q3 2020
Full version of dealer site launches
Begin signing up dealers
Profits from dealer fees are put back into the token platform to buy back tokens to refuel the rebates.
Q4 2020
Carnomaly will continue to grow and implement new ideas and solutions into the online automotive marketplace.
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Carnomaly IEO
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Scott Heninger
Founder & CEO
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Aaron Vos
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Fernando Rodriguez
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Advisors (3)

Casey Huff
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Brad Ball
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Paul Miller
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