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The Alpha-X project is set to disrupt and lead a new revolution in online e-commerce. The e-commerce industry was integral in driving mass utilisation of the Internet and it will be no different for the development of the blockchain. The major motive behind this project is that large networks of sellers are disappointed when selling products online on centralized marketplaces, due to the high commissions, strict guidelines and strong regulations. The vision of Alpha-X is to provide a platform that facilitates decentralized commerce that is free to use and sustainable in nature. This vision reaches beyond the core blockchain to include applications and ventures built on top of existing platforms. The Stars and Space is a good conceptual model. It exists but is unreachable. Alpha-X is the meteor in a groundbreaking technology that will soon hit the earth. It is our user’s legacy and the roots of our platform; a system of self-governance in the shape of an independent peer to peer network.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 01 May 2019 - 31 July 2019
IEO Time: 16 Sept 2019 - 16 Oct 2019
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: Marshall Islands
IEO launchpad: P2PB2B
Token info
Ticker: AX
Platform: Own
Token Type: Own
Available for sale: 25,000,000 AX
IEO Price: 1 AX = 0.05 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH, USDT, USD
Soft cap: 1500000 USD
Hard cap: 13100000 USD
Bonuses: 2% (for amount from 2000 AX to 3999 AX)
4.5% (for amount from 4000 AX to 5999 AX)
7% (for amount from 6000 AX to 9999 AX)
10% (for amount from 10000 AX)
Apr 2018
Idea came with Internet Of Things making life simpler
May 2018
Research, Team building
June 2018
Idea analysed and Improved, Finalized the product
July 2018
AlphaX- Website Launched
Aug 2018
Alpha-X Whitepaper Launched Alpha-X Blockchain Created Alpha-X Source code published on Githhub Posting over Bitcointalk and other Forums
Sept 2018
ICO Launched Private Pre Sale
Oct 2018
Bounty Campaigns
Nov 2018
Airdrop + Bonus
Dec 2018
QT Wallet Launched for Windows, Mac & Linux Listing on Exchange Listing on Coinmarketcap
Q1 2019
Pre-Sale, Security Audit Report, Listing on Exchange
Q2 2019
Crowdsale, Alpha-X marketplace development, Security Audit
Q3 2019
Alpha-X Mobile Wallet
Q4 2019
Data collections for X-intelligence, machine learning
Q1 2020
Major coins integrations and, security audit for exchange, Alpha-X Exchange development
Q2 2020
X-Intelligence development, Alpha-X Marketplace completion and launch
Q3 2020
X-Intelligence, Prototype Exchange, Beta launch
Q4 2020
X-Intelligence Launch, Alpha-X foundation
Q1 2021
Foundation integration with products
Q2 2021
Alpha-X ecosystem completion and product integrations
Screenshots taken 8 Dec 2018
Oleg Olefirenko
CEO and Marketing Expert
Takes part in this project only
Myroslav Vakulyuk
Chief Business Development Officer
Takes part in this project only
Mycola Davidenko
Chief Account Manager
Takes part in this project only
Nikita Jaisinghani
Takes part in this project only
Awais Bajwa
Legal Analyst
Takes part in this project only
Swati Koundilya
Node Developer
Takes part in this project only
Papia Khatun Asha
SEO and SMO Expert
Takes part in this project only
Govind Mishra
Angular developer
Takes part in this project only
Janardan Mishra
Node Developer
Takes part in this project only
Nanasaheb Pote
Devops Engineer
Takes part in this project only
Elena Bennett
Public Relation Manager
Takes part in this project only
Swapnil Mundhe
Asst. Software Engineer
Takes part in this project only
Akshay Wagh
Blockchain Developer
Takes part in this project only
Amey Ruikar
Asst. Software Engineer
Takes part in this project only
Neha Singh
HR Executive
Takes part in this project only
Angular Developer
Takes part in this project only
Roberto Lorusso
Sr. Creative Director
Takes part in this project only
Oliver König
Web Developer
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (6)

Anders Johnsson
Participates in several projects
James Nguyen
Takes part in this project only
Cris Luu
Takes part in this project only
Sergey Klimov
East European Business
Takes part in this project only
Tobias Graf
Participates in several projects
Mrinal Sharma
Participates in several projects
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