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ETH $ 267.66 0.68%
MARKET CAP $ 286 bln 2.03%
ICOs 5,468


ICO Ended
ROSCAcoin (RCA) is a cryptocurrency which supported by a self-regulating, autonomous, decentralized, blockchain powered Rotating and Saving Credit Associations (ROSCA) ecosystem platform. With the blockchain technology which encompasses smart contract features, ROSCAcoin able to build a financial solution ecosystem which leverages social capital and trusties to collaborate with better financial options by eliminating higher cost of borrowing, easier financing, better investment options and diversification of risk.

ROSCAcoin Ecosytem platform will offer multiple financial solutions to our user, as below:
1. ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC)
2. ROSCA Credit Score (RCS)
3. ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP)
4. ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP)
5. ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP)
6. ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP)
7. ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD)

Each platform will be developed progressively, and the whole ecosystem is projected to complete in year 2022. Besides that, we will also invest in some potential projects which able to boost our ROSCAcoin recognition.

ROSCAcoin Ecosystem Platform is built on Ethereum platform which compatible with ERC20 standard. It will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum coin in exchange for ROSCAcoin. This will stimulate the demand for the before mentioned crytocurrencies and hence further improved their value to the cryto-community.

ROSCAcoin (RCA) will be used in all ROSCAcoin Ecosystem platform as this will ease the process and encourage stateless business to which everyone across the world can intersect globally.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 01 Apr 2018 - 02 June 2018
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: Singapore
Token info
Ticker: RCA
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 30,000,000,000 RCA (30%)
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 22,000 RCA
Accepting: ETH, BTC
2017 September
Market Research October - Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Whitepaper Documentation.
2018 March
March - Pre ICO launch.

April - ICO launch.

July - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) Core & Mobile Development.

August - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) & ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP) MVP Testing, ROSCAcoin listing in token exchange platform.

October - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) Final Product Development.
January - ROSCA Credit Score (RCS) Product Development.

April - ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC) & ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP) Go Live.

May - ROSCA Credit Score (RCS) Go Live.

August - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP) Core & Mobile Development.

October - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP)MVP Testing.
January - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP) Final Product Development.

April - ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP) Go Live.

July - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) Core & Mobile Development.

August - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) MVP Testing.

October - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) Final Product Development.
January - ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP) Go Live.

April - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) Core & Mobile Development.

June - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) MVP Testing.

October - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) Final Product Development.
January - ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD) Go Live.

March - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) Core & Mobile Development.

May - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) MVP Testing.

August - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) Final Product Development.

November - ROSCA Charity Platform (RYP) Go Live.
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Boon Lee
ACMA CGMA, Co-founder, Product, Strategy
Troy Woo
Co-founder, Finance, Operation
Franky Tan
Co-founder, Business Development
Wilson Chin
Co-founder, Business Development
Shu Han Goh
Co-founder, Mobile Lead
Muhammad Chairullah (Irul)
Back End Engineer, Indonesia Community Lead
Sraawan Kumar
Full Stack Engineer, India Community Lead
Justin Goh
Co-founder, CTO

Advisors (3)

Ken Ho
IT Advisor
Wilson Ng
Business Consultant
Foong Wei Chieh
Business Consultant
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