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Opu Labs

ICO Ended
Fueled by OPU Coin, consumers are able to monetize their skincare data along with receiving real-time support from verified dermatologists on the platform.

Users are able to interact directly with real-time imagery to identify skincare deficiencies along with the products and services necessary to help solve these issues. Medical professionals are encouraged to build the Opu database through detailed annotations of facial scans uploaded by users of the platform.

Altogether, Opu aims to provide reliable feedback on different skincare products along with offering a variety of solutions and discounts to assist users through a step-by-step skincare treatment process.

OPU Coins earned by the community are subject to real-time minting along with a newly introduced buy-back mechanism put in place to allow public token holders to fulfill new orders before minting new coins.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 26 June 2018 - 31 July 2018
ICO Time: 01 Aug 2018 - 20 Dec 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: British Virgin Islands
Token info
Ticker: OPU
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,350,000,000 OPU (50%)
Raised $ 2,000,000
ICO Price: 0.0200 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: 2000000 USD
Hard cap: 20000000 USD
Early 2016 - 2017
• Proof of Concept

• Further product research, development, & testing

• MVP (demo/alpha)
Q1 2018
• Fully functioning web version of 3D scan & analysis

• Training tools for doctors

• Private Sale & Pre-ICO Opens
Q2 2018
• ICO Opens

• Product recommendation & skin condition programs

• Native Android app version & Asian market launch
Q3 2018
• Native iOS app version & US market launch

• Affiliates network

• Decentralized blockchain database
Q4 2018
• Analysis Engine v2 & Image Processing API

• Treatment recommendation functionality

• Additional Asian & EU country launches
2019 - Future
• Product marketing/growth & expanding to new markets

• New functionalities & third-party tool support

• Enterprise integration with partner platforms
Screenshots taken 22 Jul 2018
Marc Bookman
Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali
Chief Medical Advisor
Richard Reed
Lucy Omo
VP of Engineering
Raj Jhaveri
Samantha Wang
VP of Marketing
Shuai (Nino) Feng
Director of Product Management
James Hodgman
Chief Architect
Pumara Kokiatrattana
Country Manager, Thailand
Naveen Shukla
Country Manager, India
Erik Wang
VP of Strategy
Arthur Zubkoff
Blockchain Business Development
Dr. Anna Karp
Jill Bowers
Lead Designer
Akemi Tazaki
Deepti Devanagondi
Director of Finance
Robert Dellenbach
Legal Advisor
Sanjoy Saha
App Developer
Sudin Gaitonde
Senior Software Engineer
Nagy Sandor
Senior Software Engineer
Maninder Dhiman
Senior Software Engineer
Cooper Turley
Blockchain Analyts
Tib Palin
Director, Blockchain Growth

Advisors (17)

Brennan Bennett
Blockchain Advisory Board Leader
Jay Manciocchi
Paroma Indilo
Blockchain Legal Advisor
Naviin Kapoor
Toomas Allmere
Keith Teare
Sydney Armani
Jeremy Khoo
Anthony Abunassar
Sydney Ifergan
Advisor 42 age
Dr. Lauren Ploch
Dr. Ashvin Garlapati
Dr. Omar Noor
Dr. Jordan Fabrikant
Dr. Matthew J. Elias
Dr. Farhaad Riyaz
Dr. Pradyumna Vaidya
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