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Mosaic is a decentralized market intelligence network which tackling two of the most pressing problems plaguing the cryptoasset space today: unreliable and insufficient data and research and an overall painful user experience for market participants. Mosaic solves these problems by providing a database platform and decentralized market intelligence network with an intuitive user interface. By solving these two problems we believe Mosaic will become the foremost crypto-asset app - the gateway to the crypto world - where people get their data and research, discuss ideas with other members of the community, and manage their portfolios.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 05 Feb 2018 - 15 Apr 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Cayman Islands
Token info
Ticker: MZX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC 20
Available for sale: 250,000,000 MZX (25%)
Pre-sale Price : TBD
ICO Price: TBD
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Q3 2017
- Initial due diligence

- Develop initial plan

- Start building the team
Q4 2017
- Develop full plan, write White Paper

- Conduct regulatory review

- Build the first batch of global team of

researchers; prepare initial research projects

and articles
Q1 2018
- Release beta product web application (v0.9) for

presale subscribers

- Launch initial research coverage of cryptocurrencies,

available for all presale subscribers

- Launch and close token pre-sale
Q2 2018
- Official launch of Mosaic’s web application (v1.0)

for the general public

- Closing of the token sale and distribution of

Mosaic tokens (MZX) to all subscribers

- Release of Mosaic Data Platform (v1.1)

- Launch of social networking features, enabling

users to create content

- Expansion of research coverage to new

Q3 2018
- iOS app release

- Release of Portfolio Management tool (v1.3)

- Integration of the platform with exchanges

- Further expansion of research coverage to include all

major cryptoassets
Q4 2018
- Android app release

- Deepening of integrations with exchanges
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Alex Bradford
Co-Founder and Chairman
Dr. Garrick Hileman
Co-Founder and CEO / Head of Research
Alpkaan Celik
Chief Data Scientist
Dr. David Horning, CFA
Chief Financial Officer
Ben Fisch
Software Developer
Bryan Lemster
Software Developer
Andrey Gubar
Software Developer
Eugene Panasenko
Software Developer
Zafar Gilani
Software Developer
James Larisch
Senior Blockchain Researcher
Simon Janin
Blockchain Researcher
Andy Yee
Senior Researcher
Andrew Hawley
Contributing Author
Lanre Ige
Dang Du
Lauren Stephanian
Jason Yannos
Reid Tymcio
Dustin Ares
Ihor Pidruchny
Software Developer
Andrew Zubko
Software Developer
Ilya Cernenko
Software Developer
Yury Smirnov
Design Lead
George Vasyagin
Design Director
Prabhakar Reddy

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