BTC $ 10,345.24 1.98%
ETH $ 184.9 0.55%
MARKET CAP $ 270 bln 1.75%
ICOs 5,550


Essentia is a masternoded multi-chained set of protocols connecting centralized and decentralized resources to create new powerful interactions and experiences.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
ICO Time: 07 June 2018 - 21 June 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Switzerland
Token info
Ticker: ESS
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 595,000,000 ESS
Total supply: 1,755,313,373 ESS
Raised $ 25,500,000
ICO Price: ≈ 0.042 USD
Screenshots taken 11 May 2018
Q1 2018

Raw functions (s/v/e/d/);

File Storage (swarm, IPFS, storj);

Wallet multi-asset (eth, btc, iota,..);

dApps Store;

CLI and UI implementations;

eLogin basic version (anon IDs);

BLOCKTIME initial rollout;

First round of dApps integrations;

Status, ED, Aragon,, Gnosis;

Alpha/mvp of ESS Framework;

Finalising Essentia for Individuals


Selecting final prototypes;

Alpha of KeyWare (HW Seed);

Pre-alpha of devices (Eggs);


1st ESS Hackaton for projects to built on top of the Essentia Protocol;

Development bounties;

Security / bug reporting bounties;

Meetups / conferences worldwide;

Self-hosted regular meetup 2 cities;

2nd Airdrop ~1 month after 1st;

Start of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others;

Start developing Essentia for Enterprise solutions.
Q2 2018
Software(SW): Additional backend/home modules; Custom VPN, TOR, Mysterium; Single-chain nodes and modules; ETH, BTC, IOTA, LTC, etcetera; 2nd/3rd round of dApps integrations; eLogin 3rd-party ID management; On-chain modules initial rollout; Minimal and low-res adaptations; Decentralized repositories; First beta of the ESS framework; Start developing Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Finnish Government and others; Start developing Essentia for Enterprise solutions; HARDWARE(HW): Selecting final prototypes; Alpha of KeyWare (HW Seed); Pre-alpha of devices (Eggs); PUBLIC (PUB): 1st ESS Hackaton for projects to built on top of the Essentia Protocol; Development bounties; Security / bug reporting bounties; Meetups / conferences worldwide; Self-hosted regular meetup 2 cities; 2nd Airdrop ~1 month after 1st; Start of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others; Start developing Essentia for Enterprise solutions.
Q3 2018

Full BLOCKTIME rollout;

Custom derivation paths;

Framework CLI automation/scripts;

Alpha ESS token layer;

Cross-chain modules initial rollout;

Alpha ID system (anon, pseudo);

Login second stage (+pseudo);

4th round of dApps integrations;

Native mobile app beta;

ESS framework second beta;

Launch of Essentia as ICO Launchpad: Projects to be built on top of Essentia Protocol;


ESS KeyWare device;

ESS-Sense selection;

Eggs alpha/beta;

ESS-OS alpha (multi-arch);


In-framework incentives;

2nd ESS Hackathon;

Development bounties;

Security / bug reporting bounties;

Public beta-testing program start;

Meetups / conferences worldwide;

Self-hosted regular meetup 3 cities;

3rd Airdrop ~2.5 month after 2nd.
Q4 2018

Advanced features and settings;

eLogin third stage rollout (+KYC);

Decentralized ID beta (an,ps,kyc);

eDNS/NS consolidation;

Beta ESS Token layer / recycle;

First purely-on-chain modules;

State channel layer initial rollout;

Standalone modules and nodes;

Low-res environments and IoT (beta);

Mobile RC;

ESS framework third beta;

Launch of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others;

Launch of Essentia for Enterprise solutions;


First ESS-Eggs release;

eGPS demo/alpha (with scs);

IoT tailored public versions;

ESS-OS beta release (debian);


1st ESS ideas contest;

Use incentivization programs (ess);

3rd ESS Hackathon;

Development bounties;

Security / bug reporting bounties;

Meetups / conferences worldwide;

Self-hosted regular meetup 3 cities;

Launch of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others;

Launch of Essentia for Enterprise solutions.
Q1/Q2 2019
Software(SW): Decentralized ID full rollout; ESS token layer complete; State channels: done; Move/clone modules on-chain (scs); Virtualization of resources (intro); Cross/multi-chain full operability; Fully customizable framework; Mobile stable release (android, osx); Multi-language implementations; Decentralized governance (intro); ESS framework RC and stable; HARDWARE(HW): ESS-OS RC and initial release; eGPS deployed; Automatable Custom Constellations; IoT implementations; KeyWare enhancements; Autonomous Eggs tests; HW-based native oracles tests; PUBLIC (PUB): ESSDEV zero (devs conference); Follow up of previous programs.
Q3/Q4 2019

Self-sustainability protocol (recycle);

Virtualization of the resources;

Resource sharing;

Distributed computing;

Mission-critical deployments;

Decentralized governance;

Low-res environments and IoT full;

SW-based native oracles tests;

Decentralized ESS framework;


HW-based native oracles;

Autonomous Eggs;

Next generation Eggs Test;

Autonomous constellations tests;

Micro/minimal/ms devices;

Begin of native ESS-aOS (non-deb);


1st ESSCON + Hackathon;

Follow up.
Matteo Gianpietro Zago
Project Lead
Mirco Mongiardino
Product Lead
Vladimir Holubovych
Operations Lead
Stefan Djokic
Technical Team Lead
Alex Grek
Senior Developer
Nikolay Hryshchenkov
Technical Team Lead
Aleksejs Petenko
Senior Project Manager
Roman Loboda
Backend Developer
Sergey Zaharov
Backend Developer
Alex Pikuta
Frontend Developer
Anatoliy Kurotych
Backend Developer
Roman Boyko
Blockchain developer
Oksana Zaharchuk
Blockchain, JS, Nodejs developer
Alexander Jer
Blockchain expert
Ilya Korotya
Frontend Developer
Oleg Grygola
UI/UX designer
Valentine Panasiuk
UI/UX designer
Andriy Boiko
UI/UX designer
Viktor Shyshko
UI/UX designer
Taras Vitovshchyk
Front-End Developer
Oleksandr Kozlov
Software Architect
Dmytro Striletskyi
Technical Team Lead
Alexander Ruban
Python Developer
Bedros Awanesian
Head of Business Development
Vlad Pushkar
Head of Marketing
Alexander Bezrodnii
Olga Trykush
Community Manager
Anna Kunytska
Community Manager
Kateryna Ponurkevych
Content Manager
Dmytro Horbach
Social Media Manager
Jung Hoon Han
Local Korean Manager
Alina Volynets
Community Manager (Korean language

Advisors (5)

Moe Levin
Public Sector Advisor
Erik van der Staak
European Commission Horizon2020/EASME Coach
Thomas Graham
Managing Partner at TLDR
Yann Marston
Ismail Malik
ICO Stats
Interesting ICOs
The blockchain is a decentralized and distributed database that guarantees the integrity of data and transactions. Thanks to the blockchain, advertisers and their campaigns are not connected to each other. Thus, they are not all affected by hacking or malfunctioning. Thanks to the Smart Contract SaTT, ads and transactions are governed by modules of autonomous beings secured by the Ethereum blockchain. In the event of a malfunction of a module or Oracle, the integrity of other advertisers’ ads is preserved. The transaction cost is divided between encryption and Oracle modules according to the needs of use. There is no minimum monthly billing. The competition between Oracle modules guarantees a high level of service and competitive rates. By using SaTTs, payments are immediate as soon as the success criteria are met. Payments are not subject to transfer fees or currency conversion fees.
Refine Medium
Refine Medium is a decentralized media platform rendering authentic and high quality video content. It is built upon Ethereum technology designed to enable viewers, creators and innovators of the platform to connect via blockchain based smart contracts. A one-of-its-kind platform that will incentivize each and every stakeholder for their contribution to the platform. RefineMedium has come up with a social video platform which aims to bridge the gap between “human being” & “being human” as humanity thrives forever. There are 4 stages of building a quality creator in the RefineMedium ecosystem- Creators with a new idea and raw content, Creators collaborating with RefineMedium moderators to cause a positive impact on their creation with a touch of professionalism, Creators who have established their identity on the platform and intend to progress and prosper and at last, Creators who have achieved enough prosperity and stardom and intend to cause lasting changes in the society and inspire others to do the same. RefineMedium aims to provide an ecosystem which nurtures a naive creator into a self-actualized one. The goal is to reach the top of the “Refine Rhombus”.
GRAYLL services are primarily aimed at retail investors that have little time for trading, speculation & investing in the stock market or may have almost no experience doing so. The systems can be applied to anything, for example commodities, art, real estate, weather metrics, social media trend data and so forth. GRAYLL will be simple to use for everyone like many popular mobile & web applications. Similar to Gmail & Instagram signing up & using the GRAYLL App will be a user friendly experience. Our algorithms ensure that a novice would be able to achieve out-sized returns without understanding trends, volatility, leverage, margin, shorting, risk & derivatives. The algorithms generate profits in up-, down- and sideways trends. Data Science, AI & Machine Learning are an integral part of the App, these disciplines allow us to automate certain parts of the system & improve the user experience. The aim is to provide users with simplicity, low skill requirements and low time commitments.
In blockchain world, there is a huge knowledge gulf between non-computer professionals from different industries and smart contract development. The DINO Platform aims to address this problem with its proprietary technology, a cloud-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) smart contract Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Leveraging the technology of the DINO Platform, users can build their smart contracts with visualised logic flows. More than just a smart contract IDE, the DINO Platform is intended to build a smart contract ecosystem together with developers all over the world. In the smart contract market, developers may build and design smart contract templates and sell them to the general public.
Mind AI
Mind AI is an artificial intelligence engine that is capable of human-like abstract reasoning without the need for big data or supercomputers. With its ability to contextualize information and reason, Mind AI is able to generalize knowledge, a feat that no other AI today is capable of. By being able to learn on its own, Mind AI will be able to formulate its own hypotheses and models of how things work, augmenting human intelligence.
Orionix, a comission-free games and items exchange platform along with ORX token that covers operational costs by minting its own native currency. The project aims to facilitate communication, exchange and security between players. Gamers from around the world can use the ORX platform and trade their new or used games, but also items, skins and accounts for ORX tokens. Our team has spent years evaluating the experience of players and their needs in the gaming market and infrastructure. This expertise allows us to present a project that connects people using the power of the blockhain. The mobile, personal computer and console games have been growing for a long time. Even the popularity of the gaming industry is growing with new technologies every day. One thing that keeps on lacking in this industry is creativity and innovation. According to a new platform called Orionix, the gaming industry may see its biggest investment rise to $180 billion in 2021. Another thing that always plagues the industry is fraudulent activities due to massive investments. Trading games on the path of gamers has become a nagging problem. Even using a protected account and marketing items may be impossible for most gamers. Many players have been involved in hard work to see their virtual assets develop into success. Innovative technologies and VR are helping to develop the gaming industry. What is the hope of gamers in this industry when fraud and scam are persistent? Orionix may be the solution that game players have been waiting to see for a long time. As a commission-free and exchange game service, Orionix will facilitate the way gamers play their games. ORX token program is one of the innovative steps the platform is applying to change the gaming sector. Orionix will be covering the operational costs for gamers using the platform. It implies that a player will not have to pay extra money to use the Orionix service. Orionix is committed to creating and generating its native currency to resolve the problem of supply and demand of the token program. Better communication, exchange, and security are other ways Orionix is helping to change the gaming industry. Players everywhere in the globe can be able to access the platform for free. Join it now and be part of this revolutionary creation!