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ETH $ 244.18 2.0718%
MARKET CAP $ 276 bln 1.72%
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ICO Ended
ERPCOIN is a decentralized digital currency in limited supply. ERPCOIN was born to fund the ERPBLOCK project and mediate transactions in the ERPBLOCK network. ERPCOIN applies Blockchain technology for trust consensus and decentralized distribution on peer-to-peer networks, and exploits through Proof of Stake (PoS). ERPCOIN is used in all types of B2B, B2C, C2C transactions, in the ERPBLOCK network, or used to store and exchange for the financial cryptocurrency transaction. The ecosystem of ERPCOIN is very large with the limited supply of ERPCOIN, resulting in the high possibility of raised price.

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White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
ICO Time: 20 Feb 2018 - 02 Mar 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist
Country: Vietnam
Token info
Available for sale: 105,000,000 ERPCOIN (28%)
ICO Price: 1 ERP = 0.8 USD
Launched project and created an outline of concept.
March 2016
Launched MiniERP version 1
June 2016
Updated Vesion 2, launched MiniERP solution by BizSale for businesses
October 2016
Established BizNet Joint Stock Corporation specialized in providing ERP implementation consulting solutions for SMEs in Vietnam
December 2016:
Built an R&D department specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI), development of AI applications to Chatbot technology and customer service automation
February 2017
To receive Serial A from Ngan Luong electronic payment portal, one of the most influential electronic payment gateway in Vietnam.
March 2017
Launched BizChat, AI Chatbot application solution to connect social networks and customer service.
June 2017
Established a research team on blockchain technology
August 2017
Designed ERPBLOCK product for the global market based on Blockchain technology and ICO plan of ERPCOIN
December 2017
Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation to launch VTSale e-commerce logistics management software - All in one on ERPblock's Corebase platform
January 2018
Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ngan Luong payment gateway, the most popular electronic payment gateway in Vietnam, allowing customers to exchange ERPCOIN to Ngan Luong and make legal payment in Vietnam via Ngan Luong
Q1 2018
Conduct ICO Pre-Sale and ICO Public-Sale for ERPCOIN project to bring Blockchain technology into business management and smart contract platform to help connect Vietnamese businesses to the world
Q2 2018
Launch Moblie ERPWALLET APP e-wallet app on Android and IOS platform, launch the internal exchange, put ERPCOIN on the regional and international exchange
Q3 2018
In Vietnam and Laos, get 10,000 customers to register for ERPBLOCK solutions to customer management and service and 3 million individual users to use ERPWALLET APP
Q4 2018
Translate ERPBLOCK solution into several major languages, promoting the product to the regional and international markets
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Nguyen Ba Khang
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Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan
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Tran Manh Toan
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Arpit Sharma
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David Carnell
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Will O’Brien
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Kim Taesu
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Joe Eades
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