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TellAStory NFT

Active Airdrop
TellAStory is the first-ever Quote NFT Project in the crypto space.

We create intelligent and adorable Motion Quote NFTs with an aim to motivate Everyone.

TellAStory NFTs are unique. All our quotes are created by the team themselves and once you own it, you own it. We do not publish plagiarized quotes. Our ambition is to inspire our investors as well as making profit for them through our NFTs.

All our NFTs are listed on Opensea and they operate under the Polygon blockchain (low fees). We accept Dai stablecoin as payment for our NFTs.
31 July 2022
End Date
Max. Rewards
≈ 50 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

"Earn TellAStory NFTs for free by referring people through our Airdrop bot"



1. Click on our Airdrop link:
2. Start the bot.
3. They're only two (2) tasks. Join our Telegram Group and Channel.

4. You need to have a minimum of Five (5) referrals to get paid. There's no Max referrals. You earn 10 TellAStory tokens for each five (5) referrals you bring.


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