BTC $ 9,705.6 -0.830853%
ETH $ 241.34 -0.365198%
MARKET CAP $ -100%
ICOs 6,031


Ended Airdrop
Solarypto provides an environment-friendly solution to reducing the cost of cryptocurrency blockchain mining. Using algorithms aimed at reducing energy consumption in cryptocurrency blockchain mining. Solarypto will increase the life of data centers that will be thermally regulated at a low cost. This will also reduce the carbon emission and, in turn, reduce the harmful effects of crypto mining on the environment. Solarypto is committed to promoting solar energy to reduce the mining cost in an environment-friendly manner.
05 Mar 2020
End Date
4,480 SPO
Max. Rewards
≈ 10 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Welcome to Solarypto Airdrop Program. Join the Community, Follow us and Win Rewards!

    • Three Accounts For Same IP Address.
  • Daily Login Tokens Credited till 31st March 2020.

Points to Remember:

* Reward tokens for registration and daily login will be credited automatically to your wallet.

* Tokens for Telegram, Twitter & Facebook campaigns will be credited after approval from Admin.


  • Register on Solarypto Platform
  • Complete your Solarypto profile

Join & Subscribe the Solarypto Telegram Channel & Group

  • Follow SPO official Twitter account
  • Like daily news & updates
  • Share SPO Twitter posts & articles
  • Like SPO official Facebook account
  • Like daily news & updates
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  • Register on Solarypto (if not already registered)
  • Log in to your account daily

* Till March 31st

  • Share your unique referral link with friends & family
  • For every member who joins with your referral link, you get 5% of their invested amount in BTC & You will also get 100 SPO Airdrop token.


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