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Smart Gold Pay Chain Revolution

Ended Airdrop
Smart gold pay chain is a project that works in the field of gold mining and real gold storage, which will be combined in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. smGOLD is the coin that will be backed up with real gold. Ratio 1 smGOLD = 1 gram of real gold.
25 Aug 2020
End Date
Max. Participants
0.356 smGOLD
Max. Rewards
β‰ˆ 20 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Airdrop word $100,000 in smGOLD for the first 5,000 participants.
We will share the total $100,000 of smGOLD for 5,000 participants who fulfill the requirements and complete all the tasks.Β  all participants will get $20 and $100 random for one selected participant. We will distribute $7,500 for the top 10 referrals.
Top 1. $2000
2. $1500
3. $1000
4. $800
5. $600
6. $400
7. $350
8. $300
9. $250
10. $200.
And $100 random for one selected participant who complete the task.
We will be disqualified participants who commit fraud.


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