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Posschain is a next-generation blockchain protocol, that enables all legacy, current, and future blockchains to seamlessly scale and communicate with each other.
01 Aug 2022
End Date
Max. Participants
2,000 POSS
Max. Rewards
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Airdrop Description

The first 1000 winners will be awarded USDT!
To win this competition;
Complete the tasks and earn points. Try to reach the top and make more money!
Complete the tasks below, earn points and win up to 2000 USDT!
This airdrop event will finish on August 1!



Step 1: Follow the Posschain Twitter:Β and quote-tweet the pinned tweet using the hashtags #posschain #poss and tag at least 3 friends.

Step 2: Join Posschain's Telegram group:; write something about Posschain and add your 3 friends to the group.

Step 3: Join Posschain's Telegram channel: Β

Step 4: Register to Posschain: Β


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The aim of this Airdrop is to create Resardis Community. Joining to Reddit, Telegram and Twitter Resardis communities are enough to participate. We are very excited to announce Resardis to Cryptoverse! The rewards of the airdrop will distribute after Initial DEX Offering (IDO) by the ratio of participants. Total number of Airdrop rewards will be 1.5M RSD Coin. Resardis Token Etherscan: Prizes will be awarded only to participants who complete all fields. Only thing to participate Resardis Airdrop is to filling out the form.
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