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EBD is the First Read2Earn Platform. What exactly is the $EBD token? The EBD token, which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is a cryptocurrency [token] that is used as a reward for users of the EBD platform. The EBD platform allows users to earn rewards in the form of $EBD tokens by reading e-books. The platform aims to incentivize reading and learning by providing a financial reward for users who engage with the content. One of the advantages of using a blockchain-based rewards system is that it allows for transparent and secure tracking of user activity and rewards. This can be beneficial for both the users, who can easily see their rewards and the platform, which can easily track and verify user activity. The EBD token can also be used to purchase e-books on the platform or traded on various crypto exchanges. At Phase 2 of the Road Map, there is also a significant opportunity for authors to publish their e-books on the EBD Web 3.0 platform as an NFT. EBD NFT Rarities: Mythic, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common &, Regular. (NFTs are in e-Book shapes) How to get them by free on EBD ICO: Mythic - +2000 BUSD ($) of EBD Legendary - +700 BUSD ($) of EBD Epic - +500 BUSD ($) of EBD Rare - +300 BUSD ($) of EBD Uncommon - +150 BUSD ($) of EBD Common - +40 BUSD ($) of EBD Regular - +15 BUSD ($) of EBD the ICO Dashboard is No KYC needed because the Company is in Canada. all Links are here:
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We submited the ICO as well, the description in that section too; but the description for airdrop is here:

$EBD airdrop

We will #Airdrop X% of the presale to the wallets that signed up for the EBD ICO until the expiration date.


 Join the Global Telegram chat and channel (be a permanent member of the EBD Global chat until February 27, 2023; the bot will detects the user's numeral ID rather than their username; if the user fakes the username before the expiration time, the chance drops to 0%.)

TG Global chat:
TG channel:

 Register ( on the EBD ICO main website by following the rules:
 Use your name and a real email address.
 Add a BEP-20/ERC-20 wallet address to the EBD ICO

 Wait for manual verification from the DEV team before logging in. (10m - 24h)
 Disclaimer: If the user uses the fake email address, there is no guarantee from the support team for future issues.

 Follow the EBD platform Twitter account: LINK (

 Like, comment, & Quote Retweet this  thread by the #ebdtoken hashtag. LINK (

 Fill out this G-form to prove the steps: LINK (


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