BTC $ 36,837.91 2.7923%
ETH $ 2,652.46 8.34448%
MARKET CAP $ 1638 bln 4.9%
ICOs 7,002


Ended Airdrop
Denhive is the first future content decentralized protocol. Denhive is a decentralized contents platform and news alligator. Denhive provides exclusive summary updates of the latest happenings.
28 Feb 2021
End Date
100 DHE
Max. Rewards
≈ 20 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Right on time for the big News, our website and airdrop v1 is live. We are rewarding the DEFI & Crypto Space with 10,000,000 $ DHE tokens.

Each participant will receive 100 $ DHE(worth $20).

For referrers, the Top 5 Referrals will receive 2500 $DHE, 2000 $DHE ,1,500 $DHE, 1,000 $DHE and $500 $DHE respectively.

Next Top 40 Referrals will receive 200 $ DHE each.


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