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ETH $ 408.28 -1.25846%
MARKET CAP $ 394 bln -0.12%
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Active Airdrop
CPX is a utiliy token to be used on as crypto assets trading platform primarily to be used for:
- Payment of Trading Commissions;
- IEO Participation;
- Staking and Lending Program;
- Margin Trading and Options Trading;
- Coin Voting and Coin Listing;
- Cloud Mining Program;
- Competitions and many other in the future.
31 Oct 2020
End Date
42 CPX
Max. Rewards
≈ 42 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

CPX Coin Airdrop.

Referral complete KYC -  2 CPX; Referral first deposit  -  2 CPX; Referral first trade  -  2 CPX.


Register and complete KYC - 10 CPX

Make first deposit - 10 CPX

Make first trade - 10 CPX

Join Telegram Group -  2 CPX

Subscribe Telegram Channel -  2 CPX

Follow Twitter. Loke and retweet last post  -  2 CPX

Like and follow Facebook page. Like and share last post  -  2 CPX

Follow LinkedIn. Like and share last post  -  2 CPX

Follow Instagram. Like the latest post  -  2 CPX 


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