BTC $ 10,995.91 1.26463%
ETH $ 386.31 1.82442%
MARKET CAP $ 354 bln 2.22%
ICOs 6,222


Ended Airdrop
Cocos-BCX, fully named 'Cocos BlockChain Expedition', aims to create an integrated multi-platform runtime environment for games, providing developers with the convenience and completeness in game development, while bringing users a whole new gaming experience, unprecedented gaming status, and with all the assets obtained in the games being wholly owned by the users.
17 July 2020
End Date
66,108 COCOS
Max. Rewards
≈ 24 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

In order to appreciate the loyal players for their continuous support and attract more new players, we are going to hold Cocos-BCX Blockchain Games Week this week, which includes SIX airdrops. 1,000,000 COCOS are ready to be given away!

  • The winners’ list will be announced within 24 hours after the airdrop ends.


Airdrop NO.1: Retweet the pinned tweet to win 7,777 COCOS!

Retweet the pinned tweet with hashtag#CocosBCX and tag 2 friends.

Follow Cocos-BCX official Twitter & official Medium Cocos-BCX

TEN winners will be picked at random, each wins 7,777 COCOS. 

Redemption method: after the announcement of the winners list, please DM Cocos-BCX official Twitter your COCOS MainNet account.

Airdrop NO.2: Share your walkthroughs or heroes of Crypto Knights to win 17,777 COCOS!

Share your Crypto Knights walkthroughs or review with your heroes’ pictures to twitter with hashtags #CocosBCX #CryptoKnights

Follow and mention Cocos-BCX official Twitter & official Medium Cocos-BCX

The first FIVE sharers will win 10,000 COCOS and unique NFT assets. FIVE best walkthroughs and reviews will also be selected, and each wins 17,777 COCOS and unique COCOS NFT assets. Redemption method: after the announcement of the winners list, please DM Cocos-BCX official Twitter your COCOS MainNet account.

Airdrop NO.3: Forward pinned message to other groups to win 2,777COCOS!

Forward pinned message to at least one group with up to 1000 members(not any Cocos-BCX groups)

The first 60 participators win 2,777 COCOS. Please fill out Google Form immediately after you finish this mission! The order of participation is based on the time to fill out the Google Form

Airdrop NO.4: The top5 most active users in COCOS Blockchain Games Telegram group win 7,777 COCOS!

During 13, 2020, 11:00 AM — July 17, 2020, 17:00 PM (UTC+8), the top 5 active users will be selected every day at 17:00PM (UTC+8), and each wins 7,777 COCOS and unique COCOS NFT assets. Redemption method: after the announcement of the winners list, please PM Malith(Telegram User ID: MALITH123) your COCOS MainNet account.

Conversations shared by active users must be related to COCOS blockchain games

The ranking of active users will be based on data from the statistics robot.

Airdrop NO.5: Green Hero & Primary Ore pack for new users! Each account can only receive once. Limited 100 places, first come, first served.

During 13, 2020, 11:00 AM — July 17, 2020, 17:00 PM (UTC+8), players who have not reached the 5–5 level can receive the new users gift pack (green hero + primary ore). Redemption method: Please PM Hilary(Telegram User ID: Hilary0813) with screenshot which shows your level to claimAfter receiving the redemption code, go to the Crypto Knights front page, click on the avatar to enter the code.

Airdrop NO.6: Referrers get chance to earn up to 30,000 COCOS!

  1. During 13, 2020, 14:00 PM — July 21, 2020, 14:00 PM (UTC+8) Invite friends to play COCOS Crypto Knights, and meet the following conditions will receive corresponding rewards.

At the end of the event, the invited friends reach the 5–5 level is considered an effective referee. Cheating accounts will be disqualified. Reward places are limited and the winners list will be announced as soon as rewards run out. Redemption method: after the announcement of the winners list, please PM Sona(Telegram User ID: SONALEE1) your COCOS MainNet account.

  • Invite Effective Referees ≥5, each referrer wins 10,000 COCOS and unique COCOS NFT assets (15 places)


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Other Interesting Airdrops
≈ 30 USD
Chronicle is an ERC-20 token from the Ethereum network to serve the needy Chronicle a cryptocurrency charity project deployed on the Ethereum blockchain to serves humanity and provide critical access to financial services to anyone in the world. Our vision for the project is to provide access to a wide range of digital currency projects and services as we help to open up new spaces and opportunities for humanity. This enables us to reach more people across the globe and increase their access to value through a variety of means. Chronicle sees this as a way to offer financial services to anyone who is not yet able to afford them.
≈ 6 USD
Goldario aims to be the world’s leading platform of choice for consumers and businesses dealing in the jewelry industry. It strives to allow users to obtain and have entitlement over physical mines, jewelry production factories and jewelry retail businesses from across the world, and in doing so, create potential underlying assets backing to Goldario (GLD) Token.
≈ 17.5 USD
Fanatics Cash
The Fanatics Crypto is a company that has been around since 2018, offering various services to cryptocurrencies' users and other stakeholders. Fanatics Crypto FM was "the firm foundation" becoming the first and largest web radio focused on cryptocurrencies in Brazil, offering specific programs (including us gives TopSaber is already participate in some programs) and various styles of music. Along with the Web Radio the company also launched a faucet of cryptocoins, which allows users to learn about the cryptocurrencies, listen to your favorite songs and make crypto, right top! With the platform's growth, its development over the years was imminent, was soon created the mobile application to facilitate access of its users, and then came the great news, the acquisition of an exchange of cryptocurrencies the FCexchange.
≈ 10 USD
Personal Wager
Personal Wager aims to create a globally accessible esports player to player (P2P) wagering system, allowing players in any country to wager on their own skill with players at home or in any other country. In the near future, with an expansion into an AI to AI (A2A) system through the acquisition key gaming assets, Personal Wager expects to be the de-facto standard for human vs human, AI vs AI, and human vs AI wagering.
≈ 4 USD
MARS Token
MARS is a fully pre-mined and deflationary token, built with one single purpose: get huge pumps and dumps and become a strong speculative financial asset. In order to guarantee this purpose, the team behind MARS will directly and regularly pumps the tokens price, and let the supporters dump the price again, making their profits.
≈ 8 USD
Proof Of Trade
POT is an open automated investment platform that insures 0.5-0.6% daily to investors, our trading robot is executing orders on HitBTC and gaining profit 24/7 without human assistant. Proof of trade is a genuine real project with real trades available to the public here and provides full API access to developers.