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20/12/2023   BlackRock, Nasdaq, SEC Met Regarding Bitcoin ETF

This is the second meeting in a month between the parties about rule changes required to list the bitcoin ETF.

18/12/2023   Bitcoin fees hit 20-month high as miner revenues match $69K BTC price

Bitcoin miners are the main beneficiaries of current sky-high transaction fees, data shows, but many longtime market participants have little time for complaints.

13/12/2023   BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF Now Invites Participation From Wall Street Banks

A change to the structure of proposed spot bitcoin ETFs would enable authorized participants (APs) to create new shares in the fund with cash, rather than only with cryptocurrency, essentially opening the door to banks who cannot hold crypto directly.


11/12/2023   Google updates policy to allow ads for US crypto trusts

Google will allow ads for U.S. based-crypto trusts from January, with the change seemingly coming in the same month that spot Bitcoin ETFs are predicted to be approved.

08/12/2023   Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rally Halts at $43K While Ether (ETH), Solana (SOL) Rallies to Fresh Highs

Ether, Solana Hit 19-Month Highs as Bitcoin Rally Halts with Traders Fearing 'Bull Trap'.

BitMex founder Arthur Hayes speculated about SOL hitting near $100 in a bullish weekend for altcoins.

06/12/2023   Bitcoin Surge Blasts $170M in Bearish Shorts as BTC Price Targets $48K

Short traders betting against higher bitcoin (BTC) prices lost some $90 million on Tuesday alone, adding on to the $70 million in short liquidations on Monday.

04/12/2023   Bitcoin Price (BTC) Breaks $41K, Ether Rises Past $2.2K

Ether also rose past $2,200 for the first time in months.

The price of bitcoin(BTC)moved past $41,000 during the Monday business day in Asia, for...

01/12/2023   Alex De Vries Claims Each Bitcoin Transaction Uses a Swimming Pool Full of Water

Bitcoin Going From Boiling the Oceans to Draining Them, According to Critic

29/11/2023   Coinbase CEO Says Binance Settlement Will Turn the Page on Crypto's 'Bad Actors'

Armstrong said the recent enforcement action against bad actors such as Binance or former crypto exchange FTX could “close the chapter” on that part of crypto’s history.

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