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07/06/2023   SEC’s Investigation Into Binance.US Started in 2020, Court Filings Show

The securities regulator detailed evidence of hundreds of millions of dollars in profiteering by the crypto exchange as it seeks to freeze company assets.


05/06/2023   Atomic Wallet hack losses top $35M, on-chain sleuth reports

Security teams are investigating the cause of the attack. Reports have surfaced of tokens being lost, transaction data being erased, and even entire crypto portfolios destroyed.

02/06/2023   CoinDesk Turns 10: The ICO Era: What Went Right?

The ICO boom is remembered as an orgy of fraud and scammy behavior. But ICOs funded many crypto success stories - and might still have benefits, says David Z. Morris. This story is part of our series looking back at the biggest stories from the last...

31/05/2023   Bitcoin (BTC) Price Edges Below $28K as Investors Eye U.S. Debt Ceiling Progress

Investors awaited a House vote on the debt limit deal, scheduled for Wednesday.

29/05/2023   Bitcoin BTC Price Rises Past $28K on Debt Ceiling Deal

ALSO: A Chinese governmental agency released a paper over the weekend that outlined suggestions for China's Web3 policy, but it didn't broach must new ground. Still, the paper represented progress for a country that is keen to write the next generation of...

26/05/2023   U.S. Presidential Candidate Ramaswamy Takes Potshot at DeSantis Bitcoin Remark

The largest cryptocurrency is suddenly a talking point in the 2024 race, after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared he would “protect the ability to do things like Bitcoin” during the launch of his campaign on Twitter on Wednesday.

Bitcoin has...

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