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Scalpex Exchange

IEO Ended
The Scalpex exchange is a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer trading platform, offering leveraged buy and sell contracts with some of the lowest commissions on the market, leverage of up to x100, an institutional-grade matching engine, industry-leading security and automated strategy options based on a unique variety of trading robots. We are currently in process of searching for investment and conducting an IEO for our Scalpex Token (SXE). Half of all earned commissions are going towards marketing - we buy the token and burn it, meaning that the more trading activity we have - the more our number of tokens dwindles, creating demand, upping liquidity and promoting growth. This particular program is scheduled to run for a total of 3 years, and once the current sale period is over, the token will trade publicly on the Scalpex exchange. At the exact same time we will roll out our elaborate functionalities - automatic strategies, linear contracts, high leverage, variety of instrument types and trading tools, and much more. As we are currently on the presale stage of the Scalpex token, it is available for purchase with 30% off. In a week the discount will decrease to 20%, in two weeks - to 10%, and finally - to an eventual ratio of 1:1 ($1:1 SXE).

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
IEO Time: 01 Sept 2020 - 21 Sept 2020
IEO launchpad: Scalpex
Token info
Ticker: SXE
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Available for sale: 25,000,000 SXE (50%)
Total supply: 50,000,000 SXE
IEO Price: 1 SXE = 1 USD
Accepting: ETH
Bonuses: Stage 0 Private pre-sale 1 week 1 000 000 - 40%
Stage 1 Public pre-sale 1 week 2 000 000 - 30%
Stage 2 Public pre-sale 1 week 3 000 000 - 20%
Stage 3 Public pre-sale 1 week 4 000 000 - 10%
Stage 4 Exchange listing Open-ended 15 000 000 - 0%
July 2019
Start Scalpexindex
August 2019
Registration of Scalpex Limited Ltd
May 2020
Release of the private invitation-only alpha
August 2020
Start Presale
Marketing campaign
September 2020
Trading robots
Support USDT
Release of the public beta
October 2020
Release of the public beta 2
November 2020
Public release
Q1 2021
New trading instruments
Q2 2021
Release of the mobile apps
Last screenshot taken on 20 Sep 2020
Scalpex Exchange IEO
Screenshots taken 12 Sep 2020
Mikhail Shabunin
Founder & CTO
Takes part in this project only
Alexey Zarya
Head of PR & Marketing
Takes part in this project only
Kirill Chebunin
Head of development
Takes part in this project only
Dmitry Modin
Takes part in this project only
Igor Titov
Takes part in this project only

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