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IEO start in 34 days
The Karuschain platform is a tracing and tracking solution for the precious metal industry. The platform enables upstream producers to track precious metal as it travels upstream from its point of extraction. Simultaneously the platform facilitates tracing back to the source of the precious metals.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
IEO Time: 14 Jan 2020 - 14 Feb 2020
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist
Country: Gibraltar
IEO launchpad: Latoken
Token info
Ticker: KRS
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Available for sale: 325,000,000 KRS (65%)
Total supply: 500,000,000 KRS
IEO Price: 1 KRS = 0.1 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD
Development of Product Roadmap.
Phase 1 Live Demo Released.
Robert van der Zalm hired as CFO.
Jame McDowell is hired as COO.
Private Sale Completed.
Q1 2019
Luciano Pesci is hired as an advisor.
Q2 2019
Jim Porter is added as an advisor.
Per Jirstrand is added as an advisor.
Hank Amon's is added as an advisor
Q3 2019
ProBit IEO goes Live.
LATOKEN IEO goes Live.
Phase 2 of Live Demo Released.
Beta campaign is launched:
Worldwide launch inviting mining companies to test the Karuschain platform in their systems.
Karuschain Platform Development Begins.
Proof of Concept Partnership Announced.
KRS Tokens are listed on ProBit and LATOKEN.
Q1 2020
Client onsite PoC begins.
Q2/Q3 2020
Onsite PoC completed.
Q3/Q4 2020
Graphical User Interface (GUI) continues to evolve based on client’s preferences.
API Integration and Custom Smart Contracts.
R&D, Hiring, and Development Continues into 2021.
Screenshots taken 26 Oct 2019
Richard Verkley
Chairman and CEO
Takes part in this project only
James McDowell
Takes part in this project only
Robert van der Zalm
Takes part in this project only
Bruce Wilkinson
VP of Program Management and Chief of Staff
Takes part in this project only
Tim Lindberg
Head of MLRO & Compliance
Takes part in this project only
Nicky Lawlor
Relationship Manager
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (8)

Jim Porter
Takes part in this project only
David Pierini
Takes part in this project only
Luciano Pesci
Takes part in this project only
Stanislav Synko
Takes part in this project only
Marc X. Ellul
Takes part in this project only
Per Jirstrand
Takes part in this project only
Carl “Hank” Amon
Participates in a number of projects
Herbert Sim
Takes part in this project only
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