BTC $ 11,546.01 1.13886%
ETH $ 394.96 4.78288%
MARKET CAP $ 358 bln 2.2%
ICOs 6,152


ICO Ended
We "positively disrupt" digital communications, for the benefit of users and communication providers, using blockchain and smart contracts. Blockchain provides distributed trust through consensus. Smart contracts provide commitment (a small and potentially refundable financial risk) by the sender. Combined, they provide the communications industry with the assurance everyone benefits from.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 08 Feb 2018 - 07 Mar 2018
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: Malta
Token info
Ticker: YPNG
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC223
Available for sale: 450,000,000 YPNG (56,3%)
ICO Price: 1 YPNG Token = 0.1 USD
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 10000
Q2, 2017
Creation of the white paper, protocol and api, development starts.
Q4, 2017
Proof of Concept Identify team members and advisors.
Q1, 2018
Q2, 2018
ICO Develop beta email service, full ICO launched.
Q3, 2018
Users registry goes live, early adopters integrate.
Q4, 2018
Escrow service goes live.
Q1, 2019
Growth Development and integration with communications sector.
Last screenshot taken on 22 Mar 2020
YooPing ICO
Screenshots taken on 10 Feb 2018
Ian Seddon
former Investment Banking Technology
Takes part in this project only
Ben Barton
former Investment Banking Technology
Takes part in this project only
James Johnson
former CIO Cantor Fitzgerald
Takes part in this project only
Dominic Monkhouse
former MD Rackspace UK, Pipex
Takes part in this project only
Mike Landers
former MD British Telecom International unit
Takes part in this project only
Robert Johnston
former Head of CID, Bedfordshire Police
Takes part in this project only
John Simpson
former US DoD & NATO security consultant
Takes part in this project only
Liam Kerrigan
former International Retail Executive
Takes part in this project only
Alun Coppack
Senior Technologist
Takes part in this project only
Salman Samad
Senior Technologist
Takes part in this project only

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