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MARKET CAP $ 267 bln 2.08%
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Yachting Marketplace and Charter Ecosystem directly connecting all leisure yachting participants: Guest, Fleet operators, Charter Agencies, Skippers and Hostesses, Website portals (OTAs), Boat owners, Marinas and mooring providers, Booking systems, Yacht builders and Boat investors.

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White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 04 Feb 2019 - 04 Aug 2019
ICO Time: 04 Aug 2019 - 04 Feb 2020
Country: Gibraltar
Token info
Ticker: Yachtco
Platform: Waves
Token Type: Utility
Available for sale: 700,000,000 Yachtco (70%)
Pre-sale Price : 1 Yachtco = 0.1 EUR
ICO Price: 1 Yachtco = 0.2 EUR
Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
June 2007
Some of Yachtco team members start sailing in Croatia with family and friends.
August 2014
Idea for charter agency.
October 2014
Blackbird Group Ltd was founded (sister company),

Signed first contracts with partners, 1000+ boats available worldwide.
November 2014 was launched.
April, 2015
First Customers Went Sailing With Us.
September, 2015
Visited International Charter Expo, Signed More Contracts With Partners, 2000+ Boats Available Worldwide.
October, 2015
Launched GuletCity.Com And LuxuryYachtCity.Com.
July, 2016
Idea For Yachtco;

Start Of Research And Concept Development.
August, 2016
Blackbird One Ltd. Founded In Gibraltar.
September, 2016
Visited International Charter Expo, Signed More Contracts With Partners, 3000+ Boats Available Worldwide.
January, 2017
Signed More Contracts With Partners, 7000+ Boats Available Worldwide.
February, 2017
Websites Redesign.
September, 2017
Visited International Charter Expo.
January, 2018
Team Creation, Idea And Concept Finalization.
July, 2018
Brand Design.
October, 2018
Yachtco Trademark Application Filled Yachtco Token Created On Waves Platform.
November, 2018
Visited International Charter Expo And Tested The Market By Presenting Idea To Our Partners.
December, 2018
White Paper Finalization.
February, 2019
Yachtco.Io Token Presale Crowdfunding Starts;

Crowdsale Marketing;

Publish Yachtco Website;

Set Up Community, Social Media And Content Channels.
March, 2019
Community Growth.
July, 2019
Ready Beta App Conclusion Of Preliminary Agreements With Partners;

Get First Boats In Platform.
August, 2019
Yachtco Token Crowdsale Series A Starts.
September, 2019
Visit International Charter Expo;

Sign More Contracts With Partners;

Early Access Launch;

Platform Test Phase;

Order Boats.
October, 2019
Commercial Launch Of The Project.
March, 2020
Setup A Base In Marina;

Boat Delivery In Marina.
April, 2020
Crowdsale Series A Ends;

Delivery Of Yachtco Tokens To Crowdsale Participants;

Yachtco Tokens Starts Trading On DEX Exchange.
Screenshots taken 7 Feb 2019

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