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Xfinite entertainment token

We are creating a next-generation media platform to build trust through innovations in economics, content ownership, data management, and transparency. Join Community

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Token info
Ticker: XET
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
2018 Q4

Idea Conceptualised
Security Token Preparations and Launch
2019 Q1

Eros Partnership
Security Token Closing

2019 Q3

Microsoft Partnership & Scale up Program VuRail Partnership

2019 Q4

Streaming Platform Alpha Release
Rewards v 1.0; E-Store v 1.0

2020 Q1

Streaming Platform

Beta Release

2020 Q2

Streaking Platform Public Release

Linear Channels Integration

2020 Q3

Streaming platform V2.0
Ad Tech Integration
Dailyhunt Partnership

2020 Q4

Blockchain Rewards
Mzaalo Wallet
600+ Reward Partners

2021 Q1

Influencer Stories XET Token Launch (testate)

2021 Q2

Fan Tokens

Engagement SDK XET Token Closing & Listing

Algorand Mainnet Integration

Digital Goods

2021 Q3

Brand Campaign / BI Tools Blockchain

data Rights Management

2021 Q4

XET Token Listing on Exchange
Staking Programme launch
NFT marketplace launch
Mzaalo dApp Mainnet launch

2022 Q1

NFT Launchpad
App Accelerator
Launch of ETH and BSC Bridge
First cohort App Accelerator

2022 Q2

Solana Bridge launch
Games Ecosystem
Indexer release

2022 Q3
DRM Launch
Fan token development
Second Cohort for App Accelerator

2022 Q4
Fan token launch
E-store launch for Digital creators
Swaneet Singh
Participates in a number of projects
Vikram Tanna
Participates in a number of projects
Santosh Santosh Yellajosula
Participates in a number of projects
Parag Arora
Participates in a number of projects

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The 2022COIN platform is designed to change how we perceive decentralized mobile applications by end consumers. The global adoption of the product with no limitations helps earn a handsome income through holding while maintaining privacy and security for users’ autonomy all in one place! The team at 2022COIN has created this ecosystem based on sound monetary policies which include a solid foundation put together so you can expect nothing less than excellence from them – even if your expectations may be high already since they always strive towards perfection as well.
Authtrail is a unified gateway to Web3 ecosystems empowering developers and enterprises to build on Polkadot parachains. Through standard API connections, users can harness the development power of different use cases in one spot to build and implement dapps and Web3 solutions in everyday business. Easily, reliably, fast.
LIBRACOL has a “reflection” where the transactions are charged a 5% fee which is distributed among the holders. Secondly, a 5% commission levied on transactions that will be allocated to various pools of liquidity. Lastly, LIBRACOL also burns token. Team: - 11% tokens are allocated to the team. These tokens are locked for: (20% 6 months lockup period) (20% 10 months lockup period) (30% 20 months lockup period) Tokens locked >>
AVOTEO makes crowdfunding and investing both rewarding and fun. The team builds a crowdfunding platform with an integrated talent pool. Holders of the AVO token will have the right to vote on the projects they want to be funded. The most voted projects are then selected on a regular basis and get funding from a funding wallet, which is filled by a 10% transaction tax (4% funding pool, 3% redistribution, 3% liquidity). Financed projects assign company shares to AVOTEO in return and AVO holders will participate in the success of the projects. Crowdfunding platform Present your projects and apply for funding or vote for projects and participate in their success. All you have to do as an investor is to vote for projects you think are promising. Additional financial contribution is not necessary, as the winning projects are funded from the funding wallet. Talent pool Find potential team members as a project owner or offer your services and find projects you can participate in as a professional. Voting Not only can AVO holders vote on projects they want to be funded. They also have a say in the future development of AVOTEO itself. Community Interaction, a platform that is fun to use and a supportive environment for projects are further core elements of AVOTEO.
coinbosa is the next generation of fintech and blockchain technologies in Africa our vision is to change the African fintech by providing the best technology. setting up one of the best blockchain academy the institution in Africa. we merge in ours project fintech and blockchain by start with crypto wallet entreprise ,crypto exchanger ,and crypto blockchain prepaid card . in the fintech we're coming with Neobanking ,financial AI
GoRecruit is an AI recruitment system based on blockchain technology, which offers a new way of evaluating job applicants. The AI system, being a convenient online service, enables making HR decisions based on the analysis of data from social networks and publicly available sources. To select applicants for an interview, one does not need to spend several hours for processing and analyzing the data: one will acquire the detailed information with recommendations immediately after the authorization of a candidate in the GoRecruit system. This approach will make access to vacancies more open, eliminate human error in hiring, as well as reduce the cost of HR service by optimizing routine work.