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Xfinite entertainment token

We are creating a next-generation media platform to build trust through innovations in economics, content ownership, data management, and transparency. Join Community

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Token info
Ticker: XET
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
2018 Q4

Idea Conceptualised
Security Token Preparations and Launch
2019 Q1

Eros Partnership
Security Token Closing

2019 Q3

Microsoft Partnership & Scale up Program VuRail Partnership

2019 Q4

Streaming Platform Alpha Release
Rewards v 1.0; E-Store v 1.0

2020 Q1

Streaming Platform

Beta Release

2020 Q2

Streaking Platform Public Release

Linear Channels Integration

2020 Q3

Streaming platform V2.0
Ad Tech Integration
Dailyhunt Partnership

2020 Q4

Blockchain Rewards
Mzaalo Wallet
600+ Reward Partners

2021 Q1

Influencer Stories XET Token Launch (testate)

2021 Q2

Fan Tokens

Engagement SDK XET Token Closing & Listing

Algorand Mainnet Integration

Digital Goods

2021 Q3

Brand Campaign / BI Tools Blockchain

data Rights Management

2021 Q4

XET Token Listing on Exchange
Staking Programme launch
NFT marketplace launch
Mzaalo dApp Mainnet launch

2022 Q1

NFT Launchpad
App Accelerator
Launch of ETH and BSC Bridge
First cohort App Accelerator

2022 Q2

Solana Bridge launch
Games Ecosystem
Indexer release

2022 Q3
DRM Launch
Fan token development
Second Cohort for App Accelerator

2022 Q4
Fan token launch
E-store launch for Digital creators
Swaneet Singh
Participates in a number of projects
Vikram Tanna
Participates in a number of projects
Santosh Santosh Yellajosula
Participates in a number of projects
Parag Arora
Participates in a number of projects

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RobotEra building a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse. You will become a robot, managing your own land and participating in the creation of the world. It can also acquire resources from the land, create robot companions. Here, create everything you can imagine and start a new era with other robots. Robotera provides a shared multiverse that connects with other worlds, opening theme parks, concerts, museums, and more. Create, share, operate, explore, and trade in RobotEra with the numerous NFT communities.
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C+Charge Mission is to change the world with blockchain technology C+Charge aims to democratize the carbon credit industry by enabling EV drivers the ability to earn these rewards that have previously been reserved for large corporations and entities. C+Charge is a blockchain-powered network that is the first on-chain or off-chain platform that allows EV drivers to earn carbon credits simply by driving and charging their vehicles. on to become the universal payment solution for EV charging stations, harnessing the power of blockchain technology with decentralized finance bringing carbon credit sustainability to the masses. C+Charge believes that the rapid transition to electric mobility is essential to building a sustainable future. Our mission is to create a platform utilizing blockchain technology that will promote the movement of all people and goods on electricity. We endeavour to build the world’s leading EV charging crypto payment network by investing in, deploying, and partnering with world-class EV charging solutions worldwide. C+Charge users are allocated individual electronic wallets, which are accessed through the C+Charge app. C+Charge's payment system is powered by the C+Charge utility token that is utilized to pay for each charge. C+Charge token holders will also accumulate carbon credits. Token holders who are drivers will earn extra carbon credits through more charges. By providing an effortless charging experience and the ability to earn carbon credits for drivers, C+Charge is creating a new payment charging model that is good for the planet, good for society, and good for business. C+Charge - Crypto Fueled - Electric Charged.
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UNCHAINET connects underutilized server resources with clients who need them. Our blockchain protocols govern the network, align provider incentives with computing resource quality giving choices and transparency to the cloud client market.
The founders of Potentiam have worked in music management for a number of years and realise and understand the difficulties involved in promoting new emerging music artists. In 2016 they founded a music publication Britznbeatz to help discover and promote musicians which continues to gain respect and recognition in the industry.