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Connecting the World's Digital AssetsWanchain is creating new distributed financial infrastructure. Cross-chain smart contracts built on Wanchain will power the new digital economy.

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Token info
June 2016
Research on privacy protection and cross-chain transactions
December 2016
Development on Proof of Concept
June 2017
White Paper published. online
September 2017
ICO crowd funding
January 2018
Wanchain 1.0 goes live (Privacy Protection, WANCoin, Wallet, Block chain Explorer)
June 2018
Wanchain 2.0 (Integration with Ethereum, Multi-Coin Wallet)
December 2018
Wanchain 3.0 (Integration with Bitcoin, Multi-Coin Wallet)
December 2019
Wanchain 4.0 (Integration with Private Chains, Multi-Coin Wallet)
Screenshots taken 10 Jun 2018
Jack Lu
Li Ni
Oliver Birch
Dynal Patel
Scott Trowbridge
Weijia Zhang
Ying Zhang
Richard Zhang
Jeffrey Gu
Astro Sun
Boris Yang
Lizzie Lu
Justin Snyder
Ethan Parker
Germán Palau
Trung Seng
Zhihui Liu
Crane Lv
Mengfei Liu
Gabriel Guo
Aaron Zhan
Sean Chai
Justin Liao
Eli Wong
Bryan Ye
Mimi Chu
Ruby Wang
Sonia Xu
Han Kao
Qinggang Jia
Anson Lee

Advisors (12)

Feng Han
David Johnston
Albert Ching
Ramble Lan
Marvin Zhang
Pitinan Kooarmornpatana
Rongge Li
Gang Wu
Zhong Chen
Jian Jin
Binsheng Wang
Loi Luu
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VOLUM maximizes investment value and stability through its holding company structure. VOLUM invests in portfolio companies that currently possess, or have the ability to easily create, long-term asset value. This offers VOLUM investors diversification across multiple companies and industries. This platform is completely revolutionary and gives companies greater organizational and oversight capabilities than they have ever had before. With the VOLUM blockchain platform, companies can Track, Route, Identify, and Source, all the data activity that happens on their supply chains. All of the data will be locked into the PLATFORM which can be trusted and verified at any point during operations. The end result of using the VOLUM platform is that companies will have the power to scale from local to global markets much faster, and they will have much greater control of their supply chains. This is good for everyone. Our blockchain platform operates as the one central location for your business supply chain operation. Companies who use this platform will be able to carry out a wide range of blockchain transactions including: Payments Rewards Purchase Orders Legal Contracts Regulatory Compliance Taxation Shipment Management Letters of Origin Customs Documents Inputs/Outputs and Inventory Ordering Delivery/Parcel Tracking IoT Monitoring and Reporting Big Data Analytics Inputs and End-Product Tracking/Traceability
Bither Platform
Bither Platform is a three-layer network that is capable of running smart contracts and different projects on all three layers. In this network, miners are allowed to mine on any layer and any project that they prefer without any obligation on staying on one network. In addition, Bither platform has a solution for the energy consumption on PoW mechanism in which miners' excess computing power is going to be used on valuable computations such as scientific researches and universities in need of computing power. Masternodes control this process and help to keep the network secure while running smoothly.
BLUESHARE SECURITY TOKENS (BST) are the tokenized equity capital participation shares of INTERPROM Mining AG - a Swiss-based consolidated company which is among the first businesses in the world to offer its traditional equity capital participation shares on the Ethereum blockchain, offering capital appreciation and dividends, mobility, security, and liquidity to all stakeholders.
Sportcash One
Sportcash One offers an Ecosystem for the worldwide Sports Industry, including 3 main Platforms (Vendor Shop, Social Network and online Sports/Crypto Magazine), 2 main Services (Token as a Service and Gateway Payment Service), 4 programs (Loyalty, Payment, Charity and Athletes Programs), Custom Wallet creation ( and multiple E-commerce plugins to accept client custom tokens as a payment option.
Bcnex is a full-service ecosystem for the purchase, exchange and trading of blockchain based tokens and a wide range of digital assets. It is a customer-centric, highly secure and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements.
Pcore a P2P (peer to peer) invoice discounting platform integrated in the blockchain technology, with the aim to combine transparency, trust, speed and security of the blockchain with registered smart contracts and directly bring together invoice sellers and lenders. At Pcore LTD we aim to combine todays technology into a niche but growing market. As more businesses are turning to other alternatives of funding other than banks, we want to bring them a platform which they can trade their invoices for faster means of obtaining their due amount. In return helping them expand, grow and keep up with business costs.