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MARKET CAP $ 119 bln -0.17%
ICOs 5,270
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Tkeycoin DAO is a cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intelligence, opening a new world of opportunities for people and business.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Country: Russia
Token info
Ticker: TCD
Platform: Tkeycoin
Token Type: Utility
Available for sale: 100,000,000 TCD (90%)
ICO Price: 1 TCD = 1 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH, Fiat

Alexa Rank

Q4 2017
The Emergence of the theory tkeycoin dao. Fundamental analysis of blockchain protocols.The analysis of cryptographic protocols.
Q1 2018
The study of cryptographic concepts.
Q2 2018
Active work on the protocol TBP and security systems.
Q3 2018
MVP beta testing.
Q4 2018
The Launch of the MVP in Europe and Asia.
Q1 2019
API Integration - 100 %.
Q3 2019
Beta Testing of Dapps Launch.
Q4 2019
The Birth of Galaxies TKEYCOIN.
Q1 2020
The Development of systems concepts of Al on the Basis of TBP.
Q3 2020
Improvement and extension TKEYCOIN, DAO.
Q4 2020
Reserch al and the Introduction of TBP in the Corporation.
Expansion of Borders.
Screenshots taken 28 Nov 2018
Igor Bobrov
Leading developer
Michael Chistyakov
Team Leader
Vitaly Shirokov
System architect
Sergey Catechin
Mathematician researcher
Nicholas Khatskevich
Database Developer
Andrew Chudov
Big Data Scientist / Machine learning
Dmitry Pokatilov
Programmer and software developer
Dmitry Elistratov
Information security / Cryptography specialist
Alexander Lavrentiev
Big Data Software Engineer
Michael Sushentsov
Software Engineer
Alexey Khlavchenkov
Blockchain Architect
Nikolai Grebennikov
Mathematician / Programmer
Vladimir Filatov
Developer of cryptographic solutions and security systems
Vladimir Uspensky
Engineer Software and Developer C # / C ++ / .NET
Sergey Hoffman
Python Developer
Alexander Milisheyin
Leonid Sheflerov
Programmer Engineer
Nikolay Lisitsyn
Engineer Developer

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