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Task Token

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Task Token (TSK) is A SimpleLedger (SLP) Token version of the BitcoinCash (BCH) Blockchain.

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ICO Time: 15 Nov 2020 - 01 Jan 2023
Token info
Ticker: TSK
Platform: Blockchain
Token Type: SimpleLedger (SLP) Token
Total supply: 10,000,000 TSK
ICO Price: 1 TSK = 1 USD
Accepting: BCH, ETH, LTC, ETC
Bonuses: ICO Phase 1 Started date 15th October 2020 - End date 15th December 2020 - 0.0002$
ICO Phase 2 Start date 1st February 2021 - End date 1st April 2021 - 0.002$
ICO Phase 3 Start date 15th May 2021 - End date 15th July 2021 - 0.02$
ICO Phase 4 start date 1st September 2021 - End date 1st November 2021 - 0.2$
ICO Phase 5 start date 15th December 2021 - End date 15th February 2022 - 0.4$
ICO Phase 6 start date 1st April 2022 - End date 1st June 2022 - 0.6$
ICO Phase 7 start date 15th July 2022 - End date 15th September 2022 - 0.8$
ICO Phase 8 start date 1st November 2022 - End date 1st January 2023 - 1$
Social media
Q4 2020
The first Announcement and the release of TASK (TSK) TOKEN.
The start of Airdrops Events.
The start of TASK (TSK) TOKEN, Dividends Event.
The first (TSK) Dividends rewards issuance.
The first (BCH) Dividends rewards issuance.
Q1 2021
The announcement of TASK (TSK) TOKEN first ever and kind Application Make.
Q2 2021
The announcement of the release of TASK (TSK) TOKEN App.
Q4 2021
The first Anniversary of TASK (TSK) TOKEN and the approximate date or the release of the Application.
Q1 2022
The announcement of TASK (TSK) TOKEN first ever and kind Game Make.
Q2 2022
The announcement of the release of TASK (TSK) TOKEN Game Play.
Q4 2022
The second Anniversary of TASK (TSK) TOKEN and the approximate date or the release of the Game Play.
Q1 2023
The end of all TASK (TSK) TOKEN Events and campaigns. The start of the official journey, The Application, The Game Play. And the starts of The new Events and campaigns.
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