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Student Coin

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Student Coin builds a platform called STC Exchange that allows people to create and develop their own DeFi, NFT, personal, and startup tokens. The project supports students at over 500 universities, allowing them to build tokens, decentralize their loans, and fund startups. The mission of the Student Coin is to educate people about cryptocurrencies and to put personal tokenization into the mainstream.

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ICO Time: 01 Feb 2021 - 30 Apr 2021
Token info
Ticker: STC
Platform: Ethereum, Waves
Token Type: ERC-20
Available for sale: 5,000,000,000 STC (50%)
Total supply: 10,000,000,000.00 STC
ICO Price: 1 STC = 0.0221 USD
Accepting: ETH, Fiat
Hard cap: 21500000 USD
Q4 2017
Creating the STC ecosystem idea and establishing the core team
Q2 2018
Preparing the backend as well as the legal and accounting solutions for the token launch
Q1 2019
Enacting of the company and frontend preparation
Q3 2019
Launching the Waves token version and testing distribution in Kozminski University
Establishing a partnership with the student organization at Kozminski University
Q2 2020
Creating STC bridge to Ethereum and ERC20 standard token
Q3 2020
Implementing of the STC Educational Panel and STC Voting solution
Q4 2020
Distributing STC at the world’s top 100 universities and first exchange pre-listings.
Listing of the STC at the first minor exchange
Q1 2021
Establishing a partnership with the student organisation at Harvard University
‍Establishing a partnership with the student organisation at the London School of Economics
Student Coin officially launches during STC Launchpad ICO
‍Starting the Student Coin affiliate program
‍Establishing the partnership with the student organiszation at New York University
Rebranding of the website and token
Announcing fourth big partnership
Launching the first STC App version
Reaching the STC Launchpad ICO hard cap
Q2 2021
Fork of the STC Token into a faster Ethereum-based version
Announcing the listings of the STC Token at 5 exchanges
Launching the upgraded STC Wallet version
Launching the STC App for iOS and Android
Launching the STC Voting
Listing of the STC Token at 3 minor exchanges
Listing of the STC Token at 2 major exchanges
Launching the STC Staking
Launching the first token created at the STC Ecosystem
Launching the STC Exchange beta
Launching the first 10 tokens created at the STC Exchange
Listing of the STC Token at 2 major exchanges
Listing of the STC Token at the major global exchange
Launching the STC Token staking and dividend solution
Q3 2021
Launching the first version of the STC Terminal
Developing the first personal token based on STC
Developing the first startup token based on STC
Developing the first DeFi token based on STC
Announcing fifth big Partnership
Launching enhanced STC Exchange
Launching the first 30 tokens at the STC Exchange
Listing of the STC Exchange at the official crypto exchange
Q4 2021
Launching the STC Terminal wide-scale solution
Launching the first 300 tokens at STC Exchange
Publishing the full version of the STC App for iOS and Android
Launching the native version for the STC Exchange
Launching the native version for the STC Terminal
Developing the first NFT token based on STC
Q1 2022
Developing the first corporate token based on STC
Launching first 1,000 tokens based on STC
‍Setting full version of the STC Exchange, STC Wallet, STC Terminal and STC App
‍Connecting the STC Token with major investment funds and partners
Q2 2022
Setting the international legal solutions for the personal tokenisations and DeFi aggregation
Performing the first crowdfunding at the STC Exchange
Building the STC Tokens Bank solution
Q3 2022
Launching the STC Exchange DEX
Launching the STC Parachain
Establishing the sustainable global tokenisation ecosystem for people, firms and finance with STC Token as the reference currency

Screenshots taken on 7 Apr 2021
Wojciech Podobas
CEO & Founder
Participates in several projects
Cezary Tabota
Takes part in this project only
Peter Barbachowski
Takes part in this project only
Michael Kozuchowski
Business Development Manager
Takes part in this project only
Daniel Bihun
Participates in several projects
Maciej Dejneka
Public Relations Manager
Takes part in this project only
Maya Synowiec
Chief Legal Officer
Takes part in this project only
Adam Czumaj
Head of the International Marketing
Takes part in this project only
Pawel Rakoczy
Customer Service Manager
Takes part in this project only
Jacob Kozakiewicz
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (7)

Andrzej Kusmierz
Takes part in this project only
Karolina Marzantowicz
Takes part in this project only
Wojciech Mróz
Takes part in this project only
Konrad Zacharzewski
Participates in a number of projects
Marcin Kolago
Participates in several projects
Mateusz Mach
Takes part in this project only
Takes part in this project only
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