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What is STEM
STEM is a sports team exchange where each sports club has its own token, and that token has its own cost. The token cost is defined with clear indicators such as statistic of team performance, rating, the cost of team players and some others. Based on these data, criteria for token emission and cost are shaped. All indicators are available for any internet user. The better team plays the higher its indicators and more expensive its tokens. And vice versa: if the team makes statistic worse its tokens are getting cheaper.

Similarly, to stock exchange users can predict changes of token price while analyzing and predicting results of the game for future matches. In this way they can make money on the rise and fall of token price. That mechanism provides more confidence for sports lovers and helps to avoid some risk of losing all the money if the team loses the game or even the whole season. In case the indicators are getting worse, the token cost might decrease but later, might return to the original price or even exceed it. Moreover, while buying and keeping tokens you always can show the loyalty to your favorite sports club, empathize, and follow all the sports events with it.

STEM is an exchange where each sports team has its own virtual currency.

Tokens are a kind of virtual currency for every sports team. All teams have such indicators as: game statistics, ratings and player cost. The price of tokens is determined by the totality of all data about the team. The higher the indicators, the more expensive the tokens, and vice versa. You can predict changes in the indicators, statistics and ratings of teams, thereby earning on the rise or fall of the value of tokens.

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White paper: Read
ICO Time: 01 Oct 2021 - 31 Oct 2021
Country: Belarus
Token info
Ticker: STEMX
Platform: Binance Chain, Tron, Waves
Token Type: BEP-20
Available for sale: 30,000,000 STEMX (30%)
Total supply: 100,000,000.00 STEMX
ICO Price: 1 STEMX = $0.0133
Soft cap: 200 000 USD
Hard cap: 600 000 USD
Q4 2020

• Foundation of STEM project
(General study of sports betting market, development of the concept of STEM
Q1 2021
• The market was analyzed and hypotheses were formed. Teambuilding.
First meeting with investors.
(explored target audience, formed hypotheses how to enter the market
and interact with users, the first team is ready to implement MVP, the first
interest and communication with investors)
• The logic of the project is described, the start of development of MVP.
(token emission, trading of tokens on the platform and other exchange
elements. The start of development of a demo version.)
Q2 2021

• Finishing development of MVP and testing.
(There is a product version that represents the imitation of exchange
• Preparing to ICO and searching of early investors - target is $400 000
(There is a STEMx token, preparation for ICO, arrangement of documents,
start of the active stage of searching for business angels.)
Q3 2021
• Start ICO. Marketing campaigns.
(Active stage of ICO, work on project marketing aiming to sell tokens and
gain the first users for the demo version of STEM.)
• Start of development of the pilot version of STEM.
(unfolding exchange functionality and token emission)
• Finishing the first stage of investments. Legal processes.
(Legal form of the project, finishing first stage of ICO, summarizing,
blockchain installation into STEM exchange, engagement of payment
Q4 2022
• Development of product launch and employment of the team.
(project management, employment of the team, debugging and work
with functional)

Q1 2022
• The launch of STEM pilot version
(Testing of exchange work on a focus group, first public launch of the
• Preparation to the second investment stage ($1 000 000)
(The start of the second round of ICO and engagement of a venture

Q2 2020
• Finishing of the second investment stage. Active stage of development
(active stage of aggressive advertisement, capture market share)
Q3 2022
• The first 150 000 active users. Self-sufficiency.
(fixed point of self-sufficiency, generating profit)

Q4 2022
• First 450 000 users. First negotiations and opportunity for the early
investors to leave.
(Turnover of monthly transactions exceeds $100 millions. Discussions
with early stage investors exit buying shares at the expense of project
profitability or by selling the share during the next investment round.
Pavel Kozichev
Takes part in this project only
Yuliya Maher
Takes part in this project only
Alexei Savostyuk
(Project Manager)
Takes part in this project only
Yurii Jidko
(Product Manager)
Takes part in this project only
Pavel Sedov
Takes part in this project only
Eduard Latsevich
(Front-end developer)
Takes part in this project only

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