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SolarBlox is a Crypto Solar Mining. It's Thailand's latest blockchain-based innovation is utilizing solar energy for cryptocurrency mining. Being one of the finest solar energy architects in South-East Asia, adhering to world-class standards, SolarXell develops precise renewable energy solutions and sustainable cryptocurrency operations. SolarBlox will venture to pioneering three key benefits for people around the globe. 1. Generating revenue directly from sunlight 2. Offsetting carbon footprint 3. Supporting future financial freedom Solar infrastructure provides an excellent solution for crypto mining because of its price to power ratio. Combining the two can effectively create and directly harness revenue from the sun. Our first crypto solar mining project is designed to be operated by AI, IoT, and Big Data from NASA on the 100,000sqm in Thailand. We are utilizing every surface of human transportation. Here is the effectiveness of the areas. 1. Land - “Ground-Mounted Solar” 2. Water - “Floating-Solar” 3. Air Space - “Solar Carport with EV Charging Station” “Our first milestone is powering 50% of crypto mining with clean and renewable energy” "The second milestone is to make it hit 100%" The Project Site Location: 14°02'58.4"N 100°21'37.6"E / 14.049555,100.360436'58.4%22N+100%C2%B021'37.6%22E/@14.0511881,100.3591408,653m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x30e289f02290f5c1:0x4fa5518d4913f086!7e2!8m2!3d14.0495549!4d100.360436?hl=th Land Size: 100,000sqm SolarBlox has a solid team to bridge physical to digital eras. We have onshore operation 300 positions that specialize in solar power generation to ensure that there will always have a solar energy supply. Moreover, we have an IT company having 100 programmers and 30 web developers.

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Sam Shin
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Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)
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