BTC $ 9,857.2 2.41839%
ETH $ 269.77 3.85809%
MARKET CAP $ 286 bln 2.82%
ICOs 5,723


SIX was originated from 'one' of the largest digital media startup groups in Korea and Thailand, OOKBEE U Company Limited and Yello Digital Marketing Global PTE LTD. The alliance aims to create a more transparent, fair, secured, and efficient ecosystem for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economies. We uses blockchain technology and smart contract to reinvent the digital economy by building a better infrastructure; SIX Digital Asset Wallet, Decentralized Financial Services, and Wallet-to-Wallet (W2W) Decentralized Commerce. With this economic infrastructure, SIX can create an ecosystem that is transparent, fair, secured, and efficient for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economy.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 03 Apr 2018 - 20 Apr 2018
ICO Time: 03 Apr 2018 - 31 May 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Thailand
Token info
Ticker: SIX
Platform: Stellar
Token Type: Stellar
Available for sale: 474,500,000 SIX
Total supply: 999,999,970 SIX
Raised $ 42,000,000
ICO Price: ≈ 0.1 USD
Accepting: ETH, XLM
Soft cap: USD 15,000,000
Hard cap: USD 42,905,579
Last screenshot taken on 19 Feb 2020
SIX.Network ICO
Screenshots taken 1 Apr 2018
Q4 2018
To deliver a decentralized financial-services proof of concept to real businesses and creative workers.

Q1 2019
To implement the majority of SIX’s features through partnerships with SIX’s developer’s communities and geographically expand with strategic partners.
Q3 2019
To launch complex features to the public for feedbacks from real users.

Q1 2020
To set a new standard in the digital and creative industries by making a global and open source standard of major digital assets.

Charkrid Thanhachartyothin
Co-founder, Head of Blockchain
Takes part in this project only
Nisanart Thadabusapa
Co-founder, Head of Finance/ Investor Relation
Takes part in this project only
Vachara Aemavat
Co-founder, Co-CEO
Takes part in this project only
Natavudh Pungcharoenpong
Co-founder, Co-CEO
Takes part in this project only
Polapat Udomphol
Business Development Lead
Takes part in this project only
Sangboon Sangmanee
Marketing/ Legal Lead
Takes part in this project only
Watcharapong Photjaneenon
Operation Lead
Takes part in this project only
Veravej Ornthanalai
Intellectual Property Specialist
Takes part in this project only
Todsaporn Banjerdkit
Technology Lead
Takes part in this project only
Sung-hyuk Dave Park
Ph.D - Artificial Intelligence Lead
No participating data
Kyeongseo Mike Hwang
Ph.D - Recommendation Engine Lead
No participating data
Jae-Hyung Kim
Influencer Marketing Platform Specialist
No participating data
Seung-Beom Hong
Influencer Marketing Platform Specialist
No participating data
Deog-Hyeon Jang
Technology Support
No participating data
Sang-Su Bang
Technology Support
Takes part in this project only
Methuz Kaewsaikao
Blockchain specialist
Takes part in this project only
Kamolsit Mongkolsrisawat
Application Support Lead
Takes part in this project only
Karun Warapongsittikul
User Experience Lead
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (20)

Akira Morikawa
President and CEO of C Channel Co., Ltd. Former CEO of LINE Corporation (Japan)
Takes part in this project only
Bhurit Bhirombhakdi
CEO of BoonRawd Trading and director of Singha Corporation
Takes part in this project only
Boyd Kosiyabong
CEO of Loveis music
Takes part in this project only
Choi Siwon
Singer/ Actor in South Korea
No participating data
David Lee
CEO of Yello Digital Marketing Group
No participating data
Jirath Pavaravadhana
CEO of BNK48
Takes part in this project only
Jonathan Lee
CCO of Yello Digital Marketing Group Former Director of WPP Korea
Participates in several projects
Khailee Ng
Managing Partner of 500 Startups Founder of and Groupsmore
Takes part in this project only
Korn Chatikavanij
President of Thai Fintech Association
Takes part in this project only
Min Kim
Foundation Council of ICON
Participates in several projects
Phawit Chitrakorn
CEO of GMM Grammy
No participating data
Rungroj Poonpol
Managing Partner at 500 tuktuks
Takes part in this project only
Siriwat Vongjarukorn
CEO of MFEC Public Company
Takes part in this project only
Sungjun Choi
COO of YG Entertainment / CEO of YG ASIA
Takes part in this project only
Suphajee Suthumpun
CEO of Dusit Thani Group
No participating data
Taeyub Kim
CEO of Standard Chartered Private Equity Korea
No participating data
Thakorn Piyapan
Head of Krungsri Consumer Group and Head of Digital Banking and Innovation Division
Takes part in this project only
Thana Thienachariya
Founder and Director ABC Academy, Senior Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer at The Siam Commercial Bank
No participating data
Thanapong Na Ranong
MD of Beacon Venture Capital
Takes part in this project only
Vincent Ha
CO-CEO of Gushcloud International
Takes part in this project only
ICO Stats
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Connecty is looking to streamline the relationship between businesses and research house by serving as the missing link between holders of knowledge and those responsible for transforming knowledge into innovation. This knowledge ecosystem is setting out to accommodate all scenarios on the spectrum: from a short request for an expert’s opinion to a comprehensive research study that may stretch over a considerable period of time. It is intended this will be open to all areas of knowledge and all fields of study ranging from physics, engineering and IT systems to ecology, environment and society plus everything in between.
Fan Controlled Football League
Expected to kick off in 2018, the Fan-Controlled Football League (FCFL) reimagines American football – and the experience of being a die-hard fan – for the digital age. The FCFL will seek to deliver a compelling football product that captivates a broader digital audience. It will feature fast-paced, high-scoring action that embraces the spread-football evolution of the NCAA football and NFL games while enabling a diverse set of styles and strategies on both offense and defense ─ all controlled by the fans. Player personnel and real-time play calling decisions are all made by fans via the league’s blockchain platform, making fans the coach and general manager for their team. Fans will no longer be just viewers; rather, they will be active contributors to the games they are watching. This is a transformational shift in the way sports fans engage and interact: no more sitting back and passively watching as a team’s roster takes shape or a game unfolds. They will be essential to the league’s product both on the field and off. This is the democratization of sports, and it’s about to be realized through the most innovative sports league ever created, thanks to decentralized blockchain technology.
CannaCor and Blockchain Corporation are collaborating with a common vision to bring lasting change in the field of cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution. Our goal is to transform the entire cannabis cultivation process to make it as transparent and secure as possible. CannaCor is a licensed producer of medical cannabis and cannabis by-products located in Lesotho, southern Africa. It is supported by a group of professional executives with extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs of the medical cannabis industry. Their economic activities are based on the recently approved production and export of cannabis and cannabis by-products which can be used for medicinal needs. CannaCor has obtained 50 000 m2 of land in Berea, Lesotho, of which 30 000 m2 is permitted for greenhouse or indoor cultivation of cannabis. The remainder of the land will be used for further expansion as demand grows.
The founders of Potentiam have worked in music management for a number of years and realise and understand the difficulties involved in promoting new emerging music artists. In 2016 they founded a music publication Britznbeatz to help discover and promote musicians which continues to gain respect and recognition in the industry.
In blockchain world, there is a huge knowledge gulf between non-computer professionals from different industries and smart contract development. The DINO Platform aims to address this problem with its proprietary technology, a cloud-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) smart contract Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Leveraging the technology of the DINO Platform, users can build their smart contracts with visualised logic flows. More than just a smart contract IDE, the DINO Platform is intended to build a smart contract ecosystem together with developers all over the world. In the smart contract market, developers may build and design smart contract templates and sell them to the general public.