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MARKET CAP $ 368 bln 2.64%
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The Silk Road Coin (SRC) is a blockchain-powered utility token used to pay for cross/border money movement, money exchange, and other digital banking services within the LGR Crypto Bank platform.
The LGR Crypto Bank and its partners will use SRCs to transact and pay for financial services across the 68+ Silk Road Countries.
The Silk Road Coin is also a standalone investment vehicle. The SRC will be listed on some of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, and is a great way for investors to support and participate in the success of the LGR Crypto Bank and its philosophy of cheaper, faster and more accessible money movement.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 06 Jan 2020 - 30 Dec 2020
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: Belize and Switzerland
Token info
Ticker: SRC
Platform: Waves
Token Type: Utility
Available for sale: 500,000,000 SRC (50%)
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 SRC
ICO Price: 1 SRC =0.9 EUR
Accepting: USDT
Soft cap: 100,000,000 SRC
Hard cap: 500,000,000 SRC
Founder/CEO identified a new method for faster, cheaper and more secure cross-border money transfers within the Silk Road area
Q1 2020
SRC was created
Q3 2020
Fundraising starts
Sales and marketing starts
Q4 2020
B2B platform development
SRC utility token wallet development part of MVP
SRC founded with E-money license in Switzerland
SRC listed for trading
Q1 2021
B2B across border platform
MVP released
Q3 2021
Customers 1-2 PoC
1-2 Corporate PoC
Q4 2021
Introducing basket token
4 Corporate customers
7 SMB customers
$60M CHF revenue
End-to-end digital trade finance system
Crypto exchange for trading mobile and web
9 Corporate customers
17 SMB customers
$100M CHF revenue
Last screenshot taken on 23 Mar 2020
SilkRoadCoin ICO
Screenshots taken on 15 Dec 2019
Ali Amirliravi
CEO & Co-Founder
Takes part in this project only
Saul Tarazona
Takes part in this project only
Ari Aaltonen
Takes part in this project only
Stefano Tempesta
Takes part in this project only
Rob Fotheringham
Business Architect
Takes part in this project only
Palveshey Tariq
Strategy Consultant
Takes part in this project only
Kevin Corsello
Strategy Consultant
Takes part in this project only
Aamir Ali Khan
Strategy Consultant
Takes part in this project only
Owen McCall
Marketing Director
Takes part in this project only

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