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BTC $ 3,688.82 1.57%
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SelfKey is a blockchain based digital identity system with an integrated financial services marketplace, designed to put identity owners in control of their personal data and instantly access Citizenship by Investment, Incorporation, Financial Services, Token Sales, Coin Exchanges and much more, in a safe, secure manner.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 15 Dec 2017 - 20 Dec 2017
ICO Time: 14 Jan 2018 - 14 Jan 2018
Country: Cayman Islands
Token info
Ticker: KEY Token
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 6,000,000,000 KEY Token
Total supply: 5,999,999,954 KEY Token
Raised $ 21,780,000
ICO Price: β‰ˆ 0.015 USD
Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 21,780,000 USD
Bonuses: Up to 30%
Screenshots taken 5 Feb 2018
Eduard Sato
Token Economics
Jason Corbett
Legal Advisor
Peter Colegate
Fintech Legal Expert
Samuel Banks
Blockchain Legal Expert
Haoshen Zhong
USA Tax Attorney
Melissa Virahsawmy
Appleby Legal Advisor
Don Chaiyos Sorumpol
New York (USA) Attorney
Sharmila Bhima
Appleby Legal Advisor
Gordon Walker
International Business Law
Janice Lin
Philip D.W. Hogden
International Taxation Law
Corey Harris
Structuring & Compliance
Edmund Lowell
Product & Productivity
Marc Gras
Full-Stack Marketing
Zach Garman
Chief Hustler
Ari Propis
Financial Controls / CFO
Simon Bierling
Community & Growth
Bryan Blair
Growth Hacking
Mohammed Khan
Middle East Expansion
Vic Dorfman
Community Management
Max Nozdrin
Russian Marketing
Angeline F. Quinco
Community Management
Uzzel Lengeline Q. Medico
Community Management
Drew White
Video & Animation
Giorgi Maisuradze
Software Developer
Joonas Ruotsalainen
DevOps & VP engineering
Andre Goncalves
Full-Stack Developer
Carlos Bruguera
Blockchain Engineer
Anri Morchiladze
Charlie Haviland
Front-End Developer
Giorgi Merabishvili
Marius Talaglu
Full Stack Developer
Giorgi Burdili
Vamekh Basharuli
Full Stack Developer
Vamekh Basharuli
Full Stack Developer
Vi Ton Ho
Design & Development
Alexander Gharibashvili
Front-End Developer
Dimitri Ogaishvili
Software Developer
Arslan Gurbanov
Front End Developer
Tato Mchedlishvili
Full Stack Developer
Denys Kurzik
Som Siriprapa
Ryan Zander
iOS Developer
Simon Pilkington
Engineering & Marketing
Jaspreet Kullar
Tech & Ops
Amelia Oon
Design & Creative
John Mcintyre
Engineering & Marketing
David Sag
Smart Contract Dev

Advisors (19)

Pat Arunanondchai
Venture Advisor
Christian Nesheim
Advisor / Expert
Brian Elders
Trevor Koverko
Polymath Founder
Jose Luis Lopez Pino
Janos Barberis
Founder SuperCharger
Ammarin Daranpob
Adventurous Strategy
Ashe Whitener
LIberty Entrepreneurs
Daniel Deweyer
Advisor Banking Relations
Stanley Wang
Government Advisor
Olivier Roucloux
Financial Markets
Richard Cayne
JP. Financial Advisor
Douglas Arner
DLT & Legal Issues
Michael L. Keferl
Innovation, Ideation, Market
Chris Skinner
The Finanser
Jon Myers
Keyser SΓΆze
Tim Frost
The Golden Touch
Unyarut Sukontanit
Chief Introduction Officer
Per Lind
IOTA Founder
ICO Stats
Interesting ICOs
BlooCYS will be an expert place platform that facilitates hiring professionals for consultancy services using real-time video and blockchain technology. Using blockchain technology, BlooCYS will unite consumers and experts into a decentralised, open and fair network that anybody can use without going through any intermediaries. Customers will be able to find genuine, reliable experts at their fingertips, while experts and professionals can enjoy greater work autonomy and earn additional income. We will also use blockchain innovation to verify user ID and validate any skills or experience claims provided by experts and professionals. This is to prevent fraud and ensure an excellent consumer experience, which will ultimately build trust and credibility in the platform. The smart contracts technology and BlooCYS platform token (CYS Tokens) that underlies the platform will provide an automated and transparent system for investment and profit distribution.
ASGARD is a decentralized crypto ecological fund that provides funding for specific environmental tasks. The fund provides the inhabitants of the Earth with a unique motivation mechanism to search for hidden environmental damage. ASGARD ECO FUND helps to improve human living conditions and the ecology of the environment on our planet.
VTUUR's Live Mobile VR streaming platform with unique AR and AI features is a game changer and the future of Virtual Reality travel, experiences, advertising and job creation. Featuring a decentralized network, token, platform, and application, we bring the world closer to you.
Bitwin 2.0
From sports betting to live casino gaming, blockchain will undeniably have a huge impact on online gambling business. Cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook soon expands its range of products to decentralized versions, contributing to the next-level entertainment and previously uncharted functionalities. The blockchain update of the platform is called Bitwin 2.0 and will be used with Bitwin Token (BWT).
Ravelous is the crypto ecommerce marketplace that lets users sell their stuff online for crypto. Sellers can accept many types of payments from buyers, and withdraw your balance in the token of their choosing. Buyers who do not have the currency the sellers prefer can exchange their coins for RAVE tokens which used for payment. The RAVE tokens can also be traded for other coins, and will have a value backed by the crypto-marketplace and the RAVE treasury that will increase over time as the treasury grows in value.
Emrify Health Passport
Emrify is launching a decentralized Personal Health Record platform on top of the Ethereum public blockchain to deliver trusted health information to the right hands at the right time anywhere in the world. With years of building consumer engagement mobile apps, Emrify is laser focused on collecting and locking up data for each person for complete ownership and control to freely share their data. Our top priority is to create attractive cryptoeconomics models to incentivize health data sharing for all parties. With strategic US partnerships with hospitals and doctors, Emrify is building on top of established prototypes to accelerate the launch of production interfaces to firmly establish the Utility Token in healthcare.