BTC $ 3,415.35 -2.03%
ETH $ 88.56 -2.96%
MARKET CAP $ 107 bln -1.8%
ICOs 5,084
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ICO start in 4 days
Rubiix users anonymously share their purchasing data in our social community. Rubiix Protocol distributes rewards back to the community via smart contracts.

Great partners make great products. Rubiix is joined by leaders in the field of the blockchain, machine learning, digital media, banking, payments and international law.

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White paper: Read
ICO Time: 15 Dec 2018 - 05 Jan 2019
Country: Gibraltar
Token info
Ticker: RBX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 58,684,211 RBX (55%)
Accepting: ETH, BTC

Alexa Rank

2017 – Q1
Development of RubiixApp and RubiixLink
2017 – Q2
RubiixApp hits Apple App Store & Google Play
2017 – Q3
RubiixPay micropayments technology launched
2017 – Q4
RubiixStore launched via integration with Amazon
2018 – Q1
Development of TGE Smart Contract begins
2018 – Q2
Development begins on RubiixGuard cybersecurity and anti-fraud system
2018 – Q3
Launch of Rubiix On-Chain to join whitelist and receive special bonuses on RBX, directly inside of RubiixApp
2018 – Q4
The Rubiix Token Crowdsale!
2019 – Q1
Further development of integrated Blockchain Technology and Brand-Consumer Smart Contracts
2019 – Q2
Launch of RubiixGuard cybersecurity system. Development begins on RubiixDash campaign manager. Mass expansion of user base.
2019 – Q3
Development continues on Rubiix<ML> and RubiixServe, and officially begins on Rubiix Protocol.
2019 – Q4
Preparation for 2020 Global Expansion!
Screenshots taken 1 Dec 2018
Oren Berdichevsky
Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Lachar
Co-Founder & CPO
Tomer Avni
CTO & Blockchain Architect
Anton Pavlov
Blockchain Team Leader
Miki Berdichevsky
Blockchain & Data Engineer
Alan Genos
iOS Developer
Daniel Ben Shimon
Senior Developer
Eli Shulga
Android Developer
Roy Eyal
Frontend Developer
Karina Chocron
Visual Designer
Estefania Pessoa
Marketing Manager
Suni Kim
Investor Relations
Ke Zhang
Marketing Manager
Kyung Hong
Marketing Manager
Shlomit Mantinband
Director of Digital Strategy
Sadiq Sing
Marketing Manager
Joe Davies
Community Director
Dr. Ronnie Hershman
Founding Partner & Investor
Jon Batiste
Musician, Investor & Innovator

Advisors (5)

Sean Buckley
Chief Revenue Officer
Joe Ontman
Founder, AcuityAds
Greg Tavalsky
Vice President, IBM Digital
Thomas Spangler
Blockchain Developer
Charles Wismer
Lead Strategist
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