BTC $ 10,124.76 -1.99%
ETH $ 216.87 -0.26%
MARKET CAP $ 276 bln -2.24%
ICOs 5,535


Rentberry streamlines the entire long-term rental process using blockchain and smart contracts technology and eliminates the need for a middleman making it possible for tenants and landlords to complete all rental tasks in one place.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 05 Dec 2017 - 28 Feb 2018
Country: Gibraltar
Token info
Ticker: BERRY
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 400,000,000 BERRY
Total supply: 301,473,028 BERRY
Raised $ 27,850,000
ICO Price: ≈ 0.35 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Screenshots taken 3 фев 2018
Technology Advancement
Integrate blockchain and smart contracts technology throughout the platform. Launch iOS and Android apps. File international patents.
Crowdsourced Rental Deposits
Allow tenants to unlock billions of dollars by paying a small monthly fee in tokens in lieu of paying full upfront security deposits.
Launch of a payment system allowing users to make/receive payments for rent and other services on Rentberry platform in BERRY tokens.
Real Estate Acquisition
Buy properties in the top 25 most popular cities and rent them out on a short-term basis to platform users and members of exclusive Rentberry Club.
Proprietary Scoring System
Introduce Landlord and Tenants Scores that would be based on reviews, rental-related history and personal data saved on the blockchain.
Third-Party Providers
Offer API integration to local third-party service providers. Users will be able to order services directly from their Rentberry portals.
International Expansion
Expand across Europe and Asia. Offer a multi-language support. Partner with local credit bureaus and real estate companies.
Smart-Lock Technology
Integrate blockchain smart-lock technology that will significantly simplify open houses and move-in/move-out procedures.
Online Utility Bills
Partner with utility companies to give users ability to pay the bills directly via Rentberry’s platform.
Alex Lubinsky
Lily Ostapchuk
Denis Golubovsky
Blockchain Developer
Eugene Terentev
Blockchain Developer
David Sviatozhevsky
Backend Developer
Eugene Kurasov
Backend Developer
Alex Svityashchuk
Backend Developer
Nadia Sidko
Front-end Developer
Alexander Vilko
Front-end Developer
Anton Kazanov
Front-end Developer
Kostyantin Horozhanov
Front-end Developer
Denys Mykhailyshen
Front-end Developer
Max Zabarylo
QA Engineer
July Yakimova
QA Engineer
Alex Humeniuk
SEO Engineer
Alex Kotovskov
Product Designer
Liza Repko
Visual Designer
Serge Sokolov
Marketing Director
Alyona Blakytna
Business Development
Kseniya Tunikova
Content Manager
Kate Fisenko
Dmytro Denysenko
Mobile Developer
Viktor Zubkov
Project Manager
Stas Babaev
UI/UX Designer
Alex Tkachenko
Creative Writer

Advisors (15)

Glen Reed
Partner, King & Spalding
Andrew Barlow
Managing Director, Venturian
Bijal Shah
Principal, WP Global Partners
Max Tappeiner
VP of Operations Las Vegas Sands Corp.
Michael Fernandez
CEO Factory 360
Maulik Bhagat
Managing Director, AArete Consulting
Michael Koran
Founder, Primary Residential Mortgage
Trevor Richards
CTO, Lightwell Corporation
Raj Nair
VP of Technology, Ericsson
Ayesha Rahman
Senior VP, Savantage Solutions
Derek Schueren
Managing Director, Recommind
Marco Rossi
VP Sales & Marketing, Siemens
Edward Levin
Partner, Pegasus Capital
William Robinson
Head of Patent Team, Lookout
Tim Temple
COO, Sarasin & Partners
ICO Stats
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