BTC $ 19,364.56 2.07369%
ETH $ 613.8 4.10586%
MARKET CAP $ -100%
ICOs 6,366


ICO Ended
PrimeDAO is here to facilitate the wide adoption of open finance by coordinating and cultivating projects that promote safety, reliability, liquidity, and open access, while avoiding centralized appropriation of critical financial infrastructure through decentralized governance. PrimeDAO is launching a DEX Aggregator, DAO-governed liquidity pools, a DeFi safety rating interface, and tooling to support DAO interactions.
PrimeDAO is a collective of experienced builders that intends to facilitate the wide adoption of open finance by coordinating and cultivating projects that promote safety, reliability, liquidity, and open access while avoiding centralized appropriation of critical financial infrastructure through decentralized governance.

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ICO Time: 09 Nov 2020 - 30 Nov 2020
Country: Curaçao
Token info
Ticker: PRIME
Token Type: Utility
Available for sale: 24,000,000 PRIME (27.8%)
Total supply: 90,000,000 PRIME
ICO Price: 1 PRIME = 1.5 USD
Accepting: USDC
Bonuses: Price from 0.3 to 1.5 USD
Q2 2020
The Incubation phase did not start with the announcement of PrimeDAO, but began Q2 2020, with the creation of a working group at ETHDenver. The initial stakeholders collectively created the litepaper, and aligned on a general outline of how to initialize Prime. This founding working group has coordinated via private group chats, private meetings, and alignment through mutual contribution. With the public revealing of Prime, we take the first step from off-chain governance to on-chain governance by deploying the first version of Prime to the xDAI chain. This deployment creates an on-chain forum for its ecosystem governors to collaboratively align and legislate agreements. This first DAO is deployed on the DAOstack framework and utilizes holographic consensus for governance. At this point, there still isn’t a PRIME token, but only Reputation (REP) — which is non-transferable voting right — as the source of governance truth.
Q4 2020
This Growth phase is projected to start in Q4 2020 with the deployment and launch of PrimeDAO governance and resource allocation. The PrimeDAO will utilize the Alchemy platform by DAOstack throughout this phase.
Q1 2021
Through continuous improvement, PrimeDAO should continue to evolve into a completely decentralized autonomous organization and is able to self-fund, self-govern and self-organize. At this point, PrimeDAO should have developed into a global network of decentralized financial applications and interfaces that allows anybody—without being limited by a lack of resources of any kind—to be able to utilize and benefit from PrimeDAO’s integrated financial offering. PrimeDAO as a public goodwill help improve coordination and effective use of resources and contribute greatly to a more thriving global society.
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