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Leading the way for a smarter future, by connecting the right talents with the right jobs, so that every potential blockchain project has the best prerequisite to succeed.

Our number one goal is to offer transparent and fair platform with lowest fees possible. It’s that simple.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Country: Finland
Token info
Ticker: PPT
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 4,000,000,000 PPT (40%)
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC

Alexa Rank

November 2017
MVP platform. The team went further to design the architecture of the platform based on the need at hand, in solving urgent challenges in the freelance industry The team went further to design the architecture of the platform based on the need at hand, in solving urgent challenges in the freelance industry.
August 2018

Our presale is opened to our accredited investors only.
September 2018

The ICO is opened to the public with an individual cap of 1,000,000 tokens.
September 2018
Listing on Exchange.

SEP 18Major exchanges would be negotiated with at this point and we shall be listed when all process is completed.
November 2018
Alpha Version.The pre-release early version will represent part of our dedicated testing process, it will give users a feeling of how the platform would eventually look like, with few functionalities.
December 2018
Beta Version.

DEC 18At this stage, we should be able to have the full functioning version of the platform with essential features that will help the operation on the platform be more friendly, convenient and easy to use.Marketing Campaign.

Our marketing team will intensify their campaign across Europe and Asia, in order to achieve our set goals for the year

February 2019
Token Swap to PAYB.

All PayB token holders are able to swap their ERC20 PayB tokens to PayB coins on our own blockchain.PayB Blockchain.

Public PayB decentralize blockchain technology will be published for peer to peer contracts.
Screenshots taken 22 Jun 2018
Adeolu Osho
Jani Kaipainen
Operations Manager
Jaakko Asikainen
Development Lead
Mukti Paudel
FrontEnd / BackEnd
Ilkka Koiste
Server / Web
Juha Leskinen
Susana Marquinez
Salla Rahja
Lead Designer
Samuel Kuosmanen
Team Lead
Forhadul Islam
Full Stack Developer
Tobore Itoje
Marketing Manager
Jan-Markus Mört
UI/UX Designer, FrontEnd

Advisors (3)

Marja Hohti
Director, legal services
Mika Lammi
Head of IoT Business Development
Jason Brower
Parner and Lead developer
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ICO List
Other Interesting ICOs
An academic credential verification service leveraging blockchain technology, that brings honesty, legitimacy, and convenience to the human resources industry. What is TrustED? TrustED prevents academic fraud and allows instant peer to peer authentication of academic credentials. TrustED is an application which leverages blockchain technology to allow academic institutions such as universities or trade schools to store, authenticate and issue any form of academic credential or certificate digitally to its recipients. Through TrustED it’s impossible to fake academic credentials due to the nature of blockchain technology whilst also eliminating the current lengthy process associated with having to manually issue and verify the academic credentials of prospective individuals.
The freelance and on-demand economy are lacking the principle standards to form a trusting business relationship between clients and freelancers. To solve this problem, GigTricks has built a blockchain-based ecosystem to increase transparency, trust, and reliability among the platform participants. Every action including review and skill ratings will be verified within the immutable blockchain. As such, nothing can be forged within the ecosystem. The GigTricks objective is to create the world’s first 360° freelance and on-demand ecosystem which will be trusted by a community of millions. Ultimately, we’ve built the GigTricks platform to help fight global recession by creating unlimited opportunities for talented individuals so that they can simply find the gigs, work from home, generate income and spend on their consumer needs resulting a true economic growth.
FXPay is an exciting and highly prospective business opportunity that brings innovative technology to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Our goal is to address the current inefficiencies within the market and to provide cost-saving solutions to brokers, traders, and liquidity providers. By utilizing blockchain technology, FXPay can intelligently reduce the risk for brokers and traders by providing more opportunities and increase the speed of transactions in the Forex market. FXPay is proud to bring our initial coin offering to the market and to allow investors to become part of our exciting new product and journey. The FXPay platform will immediately start addressing the issues within the current Forex market. Our proposed solution will demonstrate the tangible value of the FXP token.
Greentoken - is a crypto-currency mining with lifelong free green electricity, based on an innovative waste-processing plant with a 100% recycling capacity, without harm to the environment and preliminary separate collection of garbage.
OpenBrix is the first blockchain powered decentralised property portal in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia, that will be fully open and inclusive to everyone. A open network that connects all key players in the property letting and sales market on a single network, ensuring there will be no single owner who controls the money, data or rules of the network. Everything will be community-run and done for the benefit of the community. It will be the true democratisation of the property rental and sales market.
Marginless is revolutionizing betting platform. Face to face betting, industry-leading lowest margins in the market, unique markets and much more! “Marginless will bring the good old times where individuals will have an opportunity to place a wager against other people directly on almost any sport or other activity. Friends, colleagues and many other sports lovers will be able to get back the control of their bets and place them against a real person. Cleverly developed algorithms seem to rule today’s betting industry, however, the decentralized approach of newly forming blockchain technology based solutions will change the way we live - making financial transactions, buying products and... betting. At Marginless you can not only bet on sports, but create your own bets in different kind of niches.” - says Marginless CEO Lukas Jonaitis. Marginless betting platform is driven by MRS tokens, which means that in the whole betting process, Fiat currency is not used at all. The use of Tokens and AltCoins as a reward for betting gives you a complete, secure and lightning fast reward payment in Tokens or AltCoins. Blockchain lets you confirm payouts immediately and payouts will be processed in a couple of minutes depending on what kind of AltCoin as a payout option is chosen. Our wallet lets you keep your betting assets in more than 30 different AltCoins. You will have a possibility to deposit or withdraw AltCoins as well. Marginless partners will integrate a possibility to purchase AltCoins or Tokens directly from our Marginless platform in a safe and quick environment.