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ICO has 82 days left
Parkade Coin offers a token that is changing the way the World parks, using parking infrastructure and a worldwide mobile application.

When we started this idea, there was only one goal, to provide a world changing idea to the ICO community.
Through modern ingenuity and technology we can increase the supply of parking worldwide and lower the price of parking.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 30 Aug 2018 - 30 Sept 2018
ICO Time: 15 Aug 2018 - 15 Dec 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Estonia
Token info
Ticker: PRKC
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 240,000,000 PRKC (60%)
Total supply: 400,000,000 PRKC
Pre-sale Price : 1 USD = 2 PRKC Plus bonus
ICO Price: 1 USD = 2 PKRC
Accepting: BTC, ETH & LTC
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 120,000,000 USD
Bonuses: Up to 30%
30 Sept 2018
End Date
≈ 75 PRKC
≈ 37 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Airdrop tokens will be transferred after ICO


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Follow and Retweet Bonus: 10 PRKC

Follow and like the any post: Bonus 5 PRKC

Like and Comment last post: Bonus: 10 PRKC

Sign up:  Bonus : 20 PRKC

Subscribe channel and like the post: Bonus 10 PRKC

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Q1 2016
We watched token sales and ICO’s begin to gain traction.
Immediately, we saw a need to use the power of the blockchain to help change the world.
Q3 2016
As a land developer, we noticed that parking costs and space in downtown areas was becoming more scarce, resultantly parking costs continued to rise.
Q2 2017
With an idea formulated to change the way the world parks, we approached creating a focus group study to help build on and perfect the idea.
Q3 2017
The focus groups showed support to simplify and grow parking options around the world, and a need to increase parking supply to help lower costs.
Q4 2017
Our Parkade teams in both Canada and Estonia were put together, and we began this journey to launch the Parkade Coin ICO.
FEB 2018
The Parkade idea was finalized, and whitepaper begins to be developed. Infrastructure for the ICO starts to come together.
APR 2018
Design, logo, and website are conceptualized and finalized. The team agrees on the color green as the staple for the ICO and brand
JUNE 2018
The team finalizes the whitepaper, marketing and preliminary real estate research, everyone is excited and ready to launch Parkade Coin.
JULY 2018
Information release, 30 days before the launch of the ICO.
AUG 15 2018
Private Sale and Pre-Sale of the Parkade Coin
SEP 14 2018
ICO release and first purchases. Marketing of the ICO will occur in cities around the world.
OCT 2018
ICO winds down, roughly 7 weeks after the ICO release.
NOV 2018
Begin purchasing assets and application development begins. Construction will begin on applicable purchased property.
DEC 2018
Planned launch of the mobile application, designed to provide the infrastructure to support the parking assets purchased around the world.
Screenshots taken 23 Aug 2018
Vik Kwatra
Mercy Cabiles
Client Relations Associate
Vanessa Tang
Client Relations Manager
Asya Stoyanova
Accounts Coordinator
Petya Yunakova
Accounts Manager
Lenine Darryl
Marketing Manager

Advisors (3)

Jason Cihelka
Peter Yates
Lana Koshkareva
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