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Optherium Labs, a global fintech company and member of the Linux, Hyperledger, and Crypto Valley Foundations, is fully licensed in the European Union for a fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat digital currency exchange and eWallet services. Optherium’s mission is to create the Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure that is accessible to all financial institutions, corporations and individual users.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Dates: TBA
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Switzerland
Token info
Ticker: OPEX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,504,000,000 OPEX (47%)
ICO Price: 1 OPEX = 0.75 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH,LTC, Fiat
Q1 2018
Registration, Licenses, Patent MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network™, Whitepaper.
Q2 2018
Key Recovery Service Know Your Customer Service SEC Regulation D.
Q3 2018
VivusPay™ eWallet Mobile App, Whitelist.
Q4 2018
Token Listing on exchanges after Main Sale, B2B Platform, Dynamic Biometrics™
Q1 2019
Bitcrox™ Exchange MVP
Q2 2019
Bitcrox™ Exchange, Final MultiDecentralized Data Storage, P2P, fully-functional Ecosystem.
Q3 2019
eCommerce Platform.
Q4 2019
MultiDecentralized Operating System.
Screenshots taken 19 Oct 2018
Serge Beck
Founder & CEO
Roman Kaganov
Chief Technology Officer
Rajvelu Dharmaraj
Chief Operating Officer
Morty Lempel
Director of Business Development
Bunty Aragwal
Chief Financial Officer
Ari Zoldan
Chief Marketing Officer
Evgeniy Nikishov
Chief Software Architect
Vasiliy Gavrilovich
VP Software Development
Vadim Ivanenko
Pavel Shalamkov
Frontend Teamlead
Jonathan Meiner
Research Analyst
Dmitry Pugachev
Blockchain Software Engineer
Evgeny Kuzin
DevOps and Security Officer
Constantine Savchenkov
Blockchain Software Engineer
Yuriy Petrichenko
Mobile Engineer
Max Kardanets
Full-Stack Developer
Alex Protasov
QA Automation Engineer
Elena Protasova
QA Engineer
Iryna Pleskach
Yaroslav Bosenko
Product Designer
Priadko Lgor
Dmitry Dimenko
Marketing and Brand Consultant
Liliya Soldatova
Community Manager
Kirill Rusanov
Valentin Savchenko
Head of PPC
Adam Uzialko
Aleksander Palamarchuk
Bounty manager
Aleksandra Ostroukh
PR Manager
Alex Borbely
Creative writer
Anna Nesterova
Email Marketing Manager
Dmytro Rodak
Analyst and PPC manager
Kate Kaverznaya
SMM Manager
Kate Vasylenko
PR Lead
Vladislav Pustovalov
PPC Manager
Roman Vynnychenko
PPC Manager

Advisors (8)

Sreekanth Mangulam
President at Surya Financial Systems Inc.
Jeff Ramson
Founder & CEO, PCG Advisory
Shaun Dindial
General Partner at Crypto Global Capital, LP
Stephen Drew
Partner, Crypto Global Capital, LP
Max Smetannikov
MVG CEO || Advisory TGE Board Member at VIMANA Global Inc
Sebastien Lapedra
Quantitative investment manager, cryptocurrency research, token economic, fund structurer.
Julia della scala
Music industry should be decentralized
Emaad Reza
Payments Business Development and Marketing Executive
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