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Nftania’s mission is to bring decentralized “trustless” authenticity to physical-assets, as they represent 99% of the GDP of any economy in the form of fungible goods. Nftania solves the “counterfeiting” problem for physical fungibles via novel “physical-provenance” the same way that NFTs utilize blockchain provenance to solve for digital assets authenticity. Nftania developed a special NFT token type for fungibles coined “NFT2.0”. This NFT creates an unbreakable link between a physical item and its NFT-token that serves as an insurance of authenticity of physical items owned with NFT2.0 whereby physical items and their respective NFTs exclusively point to each other. This link can be thought of as a next generation web3 version of “QR-Codes”, primarily these “codes” are already embedded on the surfaces of all physical objects and only becomes visible to the naked eye on a microscale just like fingerprints. Since these Web3 “QR-Codes” or “fingerprints” happen to be naturally and randomly occurring, they are said to be intrinsically trustless, decentralized and unclonable unlike conventional web2 counterparts namely QR-codes, NFCs, or RF-Tags which are all prone to cloning and replacement. To read-off the surface fingerprint of any physical item, and just like QR-codes, the computer vision algorithms that Nftania developed are camera-based and smartphone friendly designed to extract these “fingerprints” and mint them as cryptographic hashes inside the physical-items NFT or more precisely the fingerprint carrying “NFT2.0”. To promote the NFT2.0 technology NFtania tokenized the license to read-off fingerprints and minting the NFTs for fungibles in the form of ERC-20 Tokens named $NFT2, these tokens will be airdrop according to a social influence and NFT activity criteria.

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ICO Time: 01 June 2022 - 31 July 2022
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Ticker: NFT2
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
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