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Nations Combat

Nations Combat is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy castles and soldier combat for territory and defend their castles, own exciting items as they move onto the next stages of gameplay, and also meet new friends through our gaming platform. Nations Combat is a credible & revolutionized digital community that provides its users with a variety of cryptocurrency-related benefits such as decentralization, efficiency, etc. At Nations Combat, we leverage on high intelligent blockchain technology, our gaming ecosystem is top-notch and as it should be, user-friendly. The Nations Combat platform is not just a game for blockchain players, but it’s a game that could introduce blockchain to millions of other players in the rapidly growing gaming industry. Our game is directed at the expansive gaming community which has formed a reasonable part of the NFT ecosystem in recent years. Nevertheless, our main line of comparison lies within the traditional gaming market with the same set of players being our target audience. Have it in mind that we are innovating a novel & an effective way of connecting an exciting game narrative with respect to blockchain features. Nations Combat platform has the efficiency to attract millions of gamers and through this means garnering an unprecedented revenue stream for us and our users. The game is designed in such a way that users are allowed to harness everything the game has to offer. In the traditional gaming systems, players don’t earn or stand a chance to earn money by being users of these traditional gaming systems. Revenue generation in these systems is normally one-sided, especially thanks to the evolution of digital technology and the advent of blockchain tech. But to ensure an equilibrium to this situation, we as a team have come together to bridge this gap by providing our gamified services, where users earn by merely playing games. Nations Combat is a real-time and dynamic NFT game. Nations Combat is a platform that integrates dynamic NFT. Joining Nations Combat not only entertains you but also generates a lot of profit. In this game, you take command of a nation and attempt to strengthen its economic and military capabilities in order to crush your enemy. As you work to make your nation the best, you can form alliances, declare war, with other nations.

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Platform: Binance Chain
Martin Jackson
Martin Jackson CEO, FOUNDER
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David Mack
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Marc Arther
Head of Development
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