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Mindfulblock is a platform that offers users of the mindfulblock app the opportunity to earn money by maintaining or improving their health. Within the App, providers like qualified coaches and therapists can share their content and profit from the ecosystem on a monetary level as well. Users get access to guided meditations, hypnosis and mindfulness exercises. The contents provided are evidence-based applications that are used in psychotherapeutic work on a daily basis.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 20 Jan 2022 - 22 Jan 2022
Token info
Ticker: MDF
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
ICO Price: 0,023 USD
Soft cap: 5,000 USD
March , 2020
Start of platform planning | Community build-up | Strategic partnerships
August, 2020
Start client data collection and set up the development team.

Feb, 2021
Onboarding of the graphics team and internal distribution of tasks
Apr, 2021
The UI design is being finalised and we decide to partner with Binance Network, which has been selected as the blockchain layer that integrates with mindfulblock´s technology stack.
May, 2021
Creation of the white paper and sponsor and partner outreach
Jul, 2021
Cooperation with Hypno-School Academy Publisher, NMDFILMS, Himmelblau GmbH Nursing Service,
Aug, 2021
Elaboration and AI testing of the functionality of the ecosystem.
Oct, 2021
Development of marketing funnels for users via clickfunnels, Google Ads and Youtube promotion. Expansion of a creator network. At the same time, first impressions from the frontend area of the app.
Jan, 2022
Website Security & Stability | ICO | Diversify raised funds
Feb, 2022
App-Launch! Browser Version and Google Play-Store!
March , 2022
Auditioning companies and health insurers to create incentives outside the ecosystem for insured and employees.
April, 2022
The app is now also available for IOS systems!
Sept, 2022
Conquer new ecosystems like courses, And E-Health.
Dec, 2022
Use of blockchain system to encrypt medical data collected in clickfunnels
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