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Mercury Tools

Mercury Ecosystem is a combination of multiple of its dApps and aiming to solve various problems in the ecosystem, starting its journey with M.Chart, Miner Ants, Mercury Token and M.Launchpad * Mercury Tools not only does have a token, but also does have DApps like its own chart and NFT based game: Miner Ants

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Dates: TBA
Token info
Platform: Binance Chain
1-15 March 2022
Private sale price is 30% cheaper than the launch price. If you want to be an early investor, contact us via our Telegram group.
16 March 2022
Public sale price is 20% cheaper than the launch price. This sale will be made on PinkSale launchpad. Exact time and the link will be announced on our social media channels.
17 March 2022
We will use PancakeSwap for the first DEX listing.
17-31 March 2022
• Social media marketing.
• Real-life marketing (posters and bilboards at city centrals).
• CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko & TrustWallet listings.
April 2022
• Company registration for various CEX listings.
• First charity donation upon community decision.
• Social media competitions with token rewards.
• Whitelisting for NFT sales.
May 2022
• Publishing NFT minting page for Miner Ants.
• Public sale for Miner Ants.
• Publishing Miner Ants (Beta).
• Social media marketing for Miner Ants.
• Hiring more developers to complete the next month's tasks.
June-August 2022
• Staking pools..
• M.Launchpad (beta).
• Project partnership preperations for the launchpad.
• Expanding bilboard ads for Miner Ants at the streets with full of traffic jam.
September 2022
• Task and token reward based community supported marketing strategy for Miner Ants and $MERCURY.
• New consumable NFT collections for the game.
• Publishing Android & iOS version of the game.
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