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What is Melodity? Melodity is our first decentralized music protocol, community-owned and artist-controlled. Melodity aims to change how independent musicians earn revenue from their creations giving them the freedom to monetize while increasing their visibility in the musical scene. Melodity cuts out the middleman, connecting artists directly with their fans, and the evolving ecosystem empowers sharing and visibility. The Melodity Ecosystem is blockchain based and fully designed to empower the music industry. Its decentralized ecosystem will provide the global community of artists, fans and music providers with a trustless music environment that will become the industry’s point of reference and help artists with blockchain based attribution, distribution, and monetization for their content. The Mission We are building the biggest music blockchain ecosystem. Our mission is to give all artists a place where to freely express their feelings, breaking the chains of censorship all around the world, and returning the ownership of success to them. Melodity’s protocol can ensure this via a unique protocol where fans and artists are linked together. Presently, centralized music sharing platforms hoard user data in locked up databases. This results in a minority arbitrarily controlling the music distribution for the majority. Why Melodity? Music creation and distribution have been dramatically changed by technology since 2000. Music platforms have enabled artists to distribute their creations on their own. Though redundant in the age of digital distribution, the network of intermediaries and middlemen that formed in the early days of recorded music persists, thriving on the back of artists and curators while the mechanics of value transfer and accrual are still largely obfuscated. We are highly convinced that artists shouldn’t create music and sit there waiting, they are a key part of the protocol as we think that an artist to grow stronger needs to listen to other’s creations.

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ICO Time: 14 Jan 2022 - TBA
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