BTC $ 7,969.48 -1.52904%
ETH $ 174.13 -1.78908%
MARKET CAP $ -100%
ICOs 5,501


ICO Ended
The main advantage of our ICO is that it is based on a business model that has worked for years, has proven its efficiency, and allows us to provide assurances to the CROWDSALE participants. We also designed and built into our smart contracts three functions enabling our investors to earn on the #LHCoin tokens, and included them into the smart contract. These earning functions do not depend on the market price of the #LHCoin token.

(weight: 45%)


(weight: 35%)


(weight: 20%)

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ICO Time: 04 Dec 2017 - 30 Dec 2017
Country: China
Token info
Ticker: #LHCoin
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 70,000,000 #LHCoin (70%)
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 1000000 USD
November 2017
PRE ICO Referral pay outs Milestones of this stage: 1. Sales start 2. The #LHCoin token market price is calculated
December 2017
ICO Early Bird Bonus and referral pay-outs Milestones of this stage: 1. The initial capital is raised to start the project 2. The Optimal goal is 10 mln USD
January 2018
POST ICO Allocation of Gift Tokens #LHCoin Milestones of this stage: 1. Determining the financial outcome 2. Work process preparations
February-April 2018
Technical arrangement CASHBACK program Milestones of this stage: CASHBACK program 1. Arranging automated transfers in crypto-currencies to and from the broker’s accounts 2. Adapting and setting the brokerage software for crypto-currencies 3. Retraining of the company staff 4. Making an agreement with stock markets to include #LHCoin
May-October 2018
Starting point for accepting client payments Increase of the market value of Token #LHCoin, CASHBACK Program Milestones of this stage: 1. Accepting client payments in crypto-currencies. Activating the monthly dividends system according to the CASHBACK 2. Detecting and fixing bugs in crypto broker’s operations 3. Marketing campaign launch
November 2018
#LHCoin doubles in price Increase of the market value of Token #LHCoin, CASHBACK Program Milestones of this stage: 1. The #LHCoin market price doubles its size 2. The clientele base doubles 3. Additional Sales offices are opened
December 2018 - October 2019
Further Cap growth Increase of the market value of Token #LHCoin, CASHBACK Program Milestones of this stage: 1. Including high-liquidity tokens of other companies into the list of instruments on “margin trading” terms 2. Preparing for accepting #LHCoin tokens as a means of payment and a traders’ deposits currency
November 2019
Accepting #LHCoin tokens on the accounts as a means of payment Increase of the market value of Token #LHCoin Program и Gift Tokens #LHCoin Milestones of this stage: 1. Accepting #LHCoin tokens as a means of payment 2. Activating the #LHCoin Token Rate Insurance System
Screenshots taken 13 Feb 2018
John Larson
Key Investor and Founder
No participating data
Georgy Pavloff
Chief Operation Officer
No participating data
Alexandr Smirnoff
Chief audit executive
No participating data
Nikita Baishev
Chief innovation officer
Takes part in this project only
Romany Sedhom
Blockchain integrator
Takes part in this project only
Alena Narinyani
Chief marketing officer
Participates in several projects
Thabo Pereko
ICO marketing & promotion
No participating data
Catherine Elizabeth Smit
Chief of Support Department
No participating data
Valeriy Tatishvili
ICO Technical Director
No participating data
Ekaterina Novak
Public relations
Takes part in this project only
Marina Shuiskaya
Head of the Legal Department
No participating data
Yun-Fang Chiu
Advertising and PR / Asian Division
No participating data
Chao-Han Chen
Support Department / Asian Division
No participating data
Vycheslav Prockonin
Smart contract programming
Participates in several projects
Antonis Lapos
Dealing desk
No participating data
Yan Art
Vice President at The Association of Russian Banks
No participating data

Advisors (5)

Anatol Slissenko
Phd of Paris Est University. ICO mathematical model
No participating data
Andrei Dirgin
Financial Expert
Takes part in this project only
Vladimir Kuzovlev
Financial consultant & speaker of RBC TV
No participating data
Oleg Dmitriev
Financial consultant & speaker of RBC TV
No participating data
Andrey Miklushevsky
Forex Academy Expert
No participating data
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