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Invech Cryptocurrency Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange spearheaded by Invech Group. Our platform IV token runs on the Ethereum network. Invech Group is licensed and endorsed by the government of Timor Leste to carry out and regulate, blockchain and cryptocurrency related operations such as exchange, ICO, mining, consulting and others. We aim to making Timor Leste the world's first Blockchain Smart City and bring development to the post-war country.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Country: Timor-Leste
Token info
Ticker: IV
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 175,000,000 IV (35%)
ICO Price: 1 IV = 0.32 USD
Soft cap: 24000000 USD
Hard cap: 60000000 USD
May 207
Idea and Core Team Formation.
October 2017
CIDA Holdings Limited Invests.
November 2017
BBM Blockchain Indonesia Invests.
February 2018
1st meeting with Timor Leste Goverment.
March 2018
SMID (CN) as Advisor.
June 2018
Acquired Cryprocurrency Exchange License from Timor Leste Goverment;

MOU Signing with BBM Blockchain Timor - MWII (CN), Nashdaq Listed Company to Invest US$ 20,000,000 at Pre-Sales.
July 2018
Roadshow Commencement.
October 2018
Signed MOU with MAPEM;

Publicity Campaign in Hong Kong.
December 2018
Invench Public Listing on OTC;

Invech Consultancy;

Invench Initial Exchange Offering;

Full Official Launch with Fully Operation Exchange Platform.
January 2019
Invench Loan Managment System for Timor Leste.
February 2019
Crypto ATM.
March 2019
Launch Invench Lublic Chain.
April 2019
Invench Payment Gateway.
May 2019
Commence Hotels and Casino Development.
June 2019
Goverment Blockchain Services.
August 2019
Cockpitsonic Collaboration.
Sign up Belt & Road Initiative.
Fully Tokenize Timor Leste.
Screenshots taken on 13 Jan 2019
Kenny Lim
Invech Group Founder
No participating data
Ronald Cheah
Invech Group Co-Founder & COO
No participating data
Raimundo Campos
Invech Group Co-Founder
No participating data
Jagedteswaren Ayadore
Co-Founder, Director of Global Business Development
No participating data
Anthony Davie
Group CEO
No participating data
Anthony Davie
Group CEO
No participating data
Vincent Tan
CEO Invech Timor Leste and Group General Counsel
No participating data
Marcus Voo
CEO Invech Malaysia
No participating data
Kwok Tai Yau
Chief Finance Officer
No participating data
Samuel Tan
Chief Technology Officer
No participating data
Kent Low
Branding Officer
No participating data
Hemalingam Rama Naidu
Timor Leste Relations Liason
No participating data
Florencio Da Conceicao Sanches
Executive Director, SERVE I.P. Timor Leste
No participating data

Advisors (4)

Florencio Da Conceicao Sanches
Executive Director, SERVE I.P. Timor Leste
No participating data
Colbert Low Boon Leng
Vice Secretary of ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia and Owner of
No participating data
Francisco Monteiro
President & CEO, TIMOR GAP (National Oil Company of Timor Leste)
No participating data
Sahra Brean
No participating data
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