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We’ve integrated our existing medical platform with hashgraph technologies to redefine the medical credentialing process and create a solution that will instantly verify providers’ credentials—cutting months’ worth of processing time to a matter of seconds. Our ReadyDoc solution will save the industry billions in time and quality care.

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White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 30 Apr 2018 - 20 May 2018
ICO Time: 21 May 2018 - 08 July 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: USA
Token info
Ticker: NTVA
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 120,000,000 NTVA (8.45%)
Pre-sale Price : 1 NTVA = 0.35 USD
ICO Price: 0.5000 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH, USD
Hard cap: 24000000

Intiva Safe

Medical Professionals can securely store, manage, and share all of their documents and medical credentials from one place.

Intiva Careers

Medical Professionals can upload their resume and easily apply for opportunities from within the Intiva Health platform.

Intiva CE / CME

Intiva Health partners with the top thought leaders to offer continuing medical education.

Intiva Alerts

Receive automated alerts on expiring documents, ensuring that you or your facility medical staff always stay in compliance.

Intiva CV Builder

Strategically designed to highlight the key points of your professional experience, licenses, and specialties that medical facilities are looking for.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Design Work Begins

Begin design strategy for an API that will integrate the Intiva Health platform with Hashgraph. Determine the requirements for future migration strategy.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Design Work Completed

Completed the design strategy for the API that will integrate the Intiva Health platform with Hashgraph.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Development Begins

Create and test the API conceptualized during the design phase. Begin working on the Hashgraph node development.
NTVA Token

Announcement of NTVA.

Intiva Connect

Effectively enhances care team coordination. Download patient records, send out a lab order, refer a physician, and find a patient’s primary care provider in minutes.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Development Completed

Complete the development of the API conceptualized during the design phase. Continue working on the Hashgraph node development.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Integration & End-To-End Testing

Begin the process of verifying that the solution works in real-time with real scenarios.
NTVA Token

NTVA Private Sale Begins

Get a 50% discount during the private sale. Sign up to get whitelisted for the private sale here.
NTVA Token

NTVA Private Sale Ends

Last day to receive 50% off NTVA tokens during our private sale.
NTVA Token

NTVA Pre-Sale Begins

Get a 30% discount during the NTVA Pre-Sale. Sign up to get whitelisted here.

FMG Reviews

Post reviews and rate FMGs to provide useful details for healthcare professionals looking for a new job and valuable feedback for facilities and medical groups.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Integration & End-To-End Testing Completed

Complete the process of verifying that the solution works in real-time with real scenarios.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Pilot (ReadyDoc™)

Begin the pilot project of ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network
NTVA Token

NTVA Pre-Sale Ends

Last day to receive 30% off NTVA tokens.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage I Begins

Stage I of the NTVA Public Sale begins. Get 25% off during Stage I.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage I Ends

Stage I of the NTVA Public Sale ends. Last day to get 25% off NTVA.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage II Begins

Stage II of the NTVA Public Sale begins. Get 20% off during Stage II.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage II Ends

Stage II of the NTVA Public Sale ends. Last day to get 20% off NTVA.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage III Begins

Stage III of the NTVA Public Sale begins. Get 10% off NTVA during Stage III.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage III Ends

Stage III of the NTVA Public Sale ends. Last day to get 10% off NTVA.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage IV Begins

Stage IV of the NTVA Public Sale begins. This is the last week of the NTVA Public Sale.
NTVA Token

NTVA Public Sale – Stage IV Ends

Stage IV of the NTVA Public Sale ends. This is the last day to get NTVA during the public sale.
NTVA Token

NTVA – Issuance

Issuance of NTVA tokens to investors and shareholders.

Intiva-Hashgraph: Pilot (ReadyDoc™)

Complete the pilot project of ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network

Intiva-Hashgraph: Production (ReadyDoc™)

Begin production stages of ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network

Intiva-Hashgraph: Production (ReadyDoc™)

Complete the production stage of testing for ReadyDoc™ on the Hashgraph network.
Intiva Marketplace protect

Marketplace Intiva Protect

Introducing a full suite of liability options for LMP and FMG, including malpractice, general, high net worth life, and cyber risk insurance.
Intiva Health iGo HD

IGo HD™ Integration

Streaming services for interactive on-demand content pertaining to CME courses and webinars, training, product, news, and promotional material.
Intiva Health Patient Responsibility Solution

Intiva Patient Responsibility Solution

Intiva Health Patient Responsibility Solution will enhance the revenue cycle management for LMP (Licensed Medical Professional) and FMG (Facility Medical Group). The solution contains proprietary integrations that allow LMP and FMG to determine collection viability at the time of the visit.
Screenshots taken 11 May 2018
Jim Comstock
Garry McIntosh
Co-Founder & EVP, Chief Operating Officer
John Hartigan
Co-Founder & EVP, Strategic Development
Shawn Frasquillo
Co-Founder & EVP, Development and Support
Chuck Fried
President - TxMQ, Inc.
Craig Drabik
Technical Lead - TxMQ, Inc.
Miles Roty
Acct. Mgmt. - TxMQ, Inc.
Alexander Candelario
Co-Founder & Director

Advisors (6)

Edward Bolton
President - Nexus Medical Consulting
Carl Bucculato
Board Of Directors - Ellie Mae
Joel Comm
BadCrypto Podcast Host
Steve Kerr
Senior Advisor & CLO (Fmr.) - Goldman Sachs
Peter Kirby
Co-Founder & CEO (Fmr.) - Factom
Travis Wright
Blockchain Marketing and MarTech Consultant
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