BTC $ 10,124.76 -1.99%
ETH $ 216.87 -0.26%
MARKET CAP $ 276 bln -2.24%
ICOs 5,535
iLINK is the first location-based social commerce platform powered by the Ethereum and NEO blockchain and has 3-core functions.

1) Geosocial community networks
2) Hyperlocal business and service portal
3) E-commerce marketplace

iLINK ecosystem presents a new form of socio-economic relations, brings local users, communities, businesses, and organisations together, facilitates P2P, B2B and B2C interactions in local communities.

It is a latest technological innovation that utilises geosocial networking to bridge communities and to promote local businesses and organisations to communicate and interact with its members.

By redistributing the financial benefits derived from co-creation, each user is acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions to the community, feels part of something greater, becomes invested in the social infrastructure, and is motivated to do more; which grows the community and enables everyone to rise together.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: Singapore
Token info
Ticker: CBC
Platform: Ethereum/NEO
Token Type: ERC20/NEP5
Available for sale: 1,180,000,000 CBC (59%)
Pre-sale Price : 1 CBC = 0.05 USD
ICO Price: 1 CBC = 0.05 USD
Accepting: ETH, NEO
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
December 2016
Alpha (Initial Concept)

Start of Ideation and planning
Q1 2017
- GeoSocial Platform modules Development

- Community, Private Group, Group Chat, Market Place, Lost & Found,Meal Share, Ride Share, Event RSVP, Notes functions

- Posting, Messaging, Comments, Like, Geotagging, Calendar, RSVP, Survey functions
Q2 2017
iLINK website go live (

iLINK BETA APP release on IOS & Android with full Geosocial module features

Community Pilot in Singapore

- Campus communities onboarding - NTU / NUS / NJC communities

- NGO communities onboarding - Volunteer & Philanthropy community

- Lifestyle communities onboarding - FPV / Drone / Cheerleaders / Makeup / Running / Cafes / Sports Car communities
Q3 2017
Token Launch Event(TGE) planning & preparations

GeoSocial Platform modules Development

- Sharing of content in and out of iLINK

- Support Facebook connects and future popular platform
Q4 2017
Hyperlocal module deployment

Business listing and reviews

- Business listing and reviews

- E-coupon and Redemption functionalities
Q1 2018
E-commerce Module Development

Payment gateway Module Development

iLINK Token Wallet development (Online Token Wallet)

CBC Smart Contract Development (ERC-20) Solidity coding and Ethereum blockchain integration

CBC Smart Contract Development (NEP-5)
Q2 2018
E-commerce Module Development

Deployment of CBCToken into Ethereum Ropsten Test network

Deployment of CBCToken into NEO Test network

Token Wallet Module Development

Deposit of CBC using ETH or NEO in Mainnet

Withdrawal of CBC to Ethereum Ropsten Testnet and NEO Testnet

Development CBC Token website

User verification Module (KYC Process)

- Integration with Singapore MyInfo automated verification process for Singaporean and Singapore PR

- iLINK international verification processing system
Q3 2018
Ethereum Blockchain wallet development

NEO Blockchain wallet development

Launching of CBC Token site

iLINK APP Global release on IOS & Android

- Ethereum and NEO blockchain wallet

- Social eCommerce functionality

ANN of the Community Based Creation(CBC) Token
Q4 2018
Bitcoin Blockchain wallet development

Business and merchants onboarding for the full Hyperlocal features

Brands onboarding for the full Ad-sharing / Quiz / Survey features

Retailer and manufacturer onboarding for the full E-commerce features
Q1 2019
Geosocial E-commerce AD serving module development

iLINK Payment Gateway Plugin Development (3rd party site)

Ramping up on userbase, merchants and brands onboarding
Q2 2019 & Beyond
Support CBC withdraw to local bank accounts

Support CBC withdrawal directly to ETH or NEO cryptocurrencies

Enlistment of CBC Tokens on Crypto exchanges

Side chains development using plasma concept
Screenshots taken 13 окт 2018
Owen Sim
Founder, CEO & CTO
Catherine Hu
Founder, CMO
Wilson Goh
Founder, COO
Joie Castillo
Country Manager
Sumi Yeung
Business Development
Julian Law
Business Development
Liezel Bastian
Business Development
Hai Rou Pee
Marketing & Growth
Mary Grace P. Saavedra
Marketing & Growth
Yesh Gonzales
Marketing & Growth
Annette Antiojo
Marketing & Growth
Analou Vanizza A. Rama
Marketing & Growth
Sylvia Chao
Shang Bin
Tech Development
Zee Kim
Tech Development
Jia Xing
Tech Development
Hilary He
Tech Development
Feng Yu
Tech Developmen
Sheng Dong
Tech Development
Alice Yang
Tech Development
Yu Fu
Tech Development
Allan Rosero
Tech Development
Kurt Alagar
Tech Development
Shirley Inarda
Cedrick Manzanares
Mikhail Teneros
Ming Xuan
Meng Ru
Yvonne Ng
Community Growth
Lee Zhi Ning
Community Growth
Lau Zhi Xin
Community Growth
Crystan Lim
Community Growth
Jeremy Koh
Community Growth

Advisors (8)

Wei Sheong Toh
Yong Boon Chuan Leslie
Ken Loy
Victor Jeffery
Judd Balayan
Jeff Dytuco
Kenneth Yeo
Maria Paz Jimenez-Balayan
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