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HOB Token

HOB Token is a crypto asset that offers special services to its users and proceeds with a deflationary attitude. The special services we will offer to our users are: NFT MARKETING SWAP STAKING PLAY TO EARN GAMES ACADEMY SOCIAL PROJECTS Not only that, but we will also promote social responsibility programs in which we will engage based on your ideas and recommendations. We also want our users to have a role in the choices that will be made about the development of HOB Token. To do this, you can simply send an e-mail from the e-mail button on our website or use the support robot.

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Token info
Ticker: HOB
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 37,260,000 HOB
Total supply: 69,000,000.00 HOB
Pre-sale Price : 0,01 USD
ICO Price: 0,025 USD
Soft cap: 338,134 USD
Hard cap: 1,127,115 USD
Q4 2022
Private sale, Public Sale (1.Phase), Staking, Marketing, Software Development, Social Media Launch
Q1 2023
DEX Listing , Airdrop , HOB Token Academy
Q2 2023
Our social projects are opening, NFT play-earn games
CEX Listing, NFT Marketing
Emirhan Dumlupınar
CEO & Founder
Takes part in this project only
Ömer Sefa Güçkıran
Takes part in this project only
Meriç Çağlar
Software Developer
Takes part in this project only
Harun Yusuf Sevim
Digital Marketing
Takes part in this project only
Muhammet Hanifi Akduman
Business Developer
Takes part in this project only
Emirhan Arapkirli
Strategic Developer
Takes part in this project only
Nicholas Alan
Takes part in this project only

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